Article: CFS & XMRV: How Is the Retrovirus Transmitted

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    Wasn't sure if anyone had posted this. If so, oops!

    Article on

    The line, "It'll be interesting to see how, or even if, the CDC reacts to this research," made me laugh.

    The article itself doesn't seem to have much to offer, but the comments are interesting. I think it's like Dr. Bell said: One person can get the polio virus and become paralyzed while another person can get the same virus and barely realize they're sick! It's about WHO gets the virus...But you still wouldn't want to give someone polio with those kinds of risks! And polio can come back ten, twenty, thirty years down the line and give you post-polio syndrome.

    My current thought is that, XMRV is the thing making people severely compromised. If you were ALREADY compromised, and you get XMRV, it can really do damage, attack your body, damage your brain, invade your mitochondria, and it turns into M.E. If you WEREN'T already compromised, XMRV is the thing to come along and make you that way, setting you up for the next relatively simple infection--like HHV6 or EBV--to come along and pull the trigger.

    I think, being a retrovirus, it really can work similar to HIV: Your body becomes unable to fight off infections and they accumulate, which could be why many people diagnosed with "CFS," or those involved in the outbreaks, have higher viral titers to things like HHV6, etc; viruses that 95% of the population have, but you don't see 95% of hte population with CFS, or with M.E.... And if your body is physically incapable of keeping those old viruses in check, that will just feed the already-blazing fire. It's common knowledge (i.e., any doctor would know) that latent infections can flare up and attack the body when the immune system is stressed, like how the chicken pox virus can come back to cause Bell's Palsy, or shingles.

    Just my current thoughts.

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