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    Hi All,
    Due to the fact that I have had undetectable heart problems this article raised a red flag in my mind. It is something to consider among everything else we have to analyze with this DD. Thought I should post this so we can all be aware of this potential cause. But please lets not take this as the written gospel - just something else to consider. Don't want everyone to be needlessly worried! But I feel knowledge is power and if this helps someone that is great.
    My best to you. CLD

    Heart Problem Potential Cause of Chronic Fatigue
    By Alison McCook

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A small study suggests that some people may develop chronic fatigue syndrome as a result of reduced heart function, researchers said Monday.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is characterized by a range of symptoms including fatigue, headache, sleep problems, muscle pain and difficulty concentrating.

    Patients with the condition, which can strike suddenly, often experience a marked increase in symptoms after only minor bouts of exertion.

    The cause of CFS is currently unknown.

    In a study reported during the American Physiological Society conference in San Diego, California, a group of CFS patients experienced a marked reduction in heart function during exercise -- a sign that the heart is not working efficiently.

    While these findings suggest that some people may develop CFS as a result of a mild heart condition that escapes detection, study author Dr. Arnold Peckerman cautioned that much more work is needed.

    "It would take much more to establish this as a credible hypothesis for this population," he told Reuters Health.

    As such, he said he did not think doctors should try to treat patients with CFS using heart medications, which are potentially toxic and may show no benefit.

    To investigate the possible link between CFS and heart function, Peckerman and his colleagues at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark and the VA Medical Center in East Orange, New Jersey, performed tests to measure the heart's pumping ability, known as ejection fraction.

    Tests of 16 patients with CFS revealed that most showed a decrease in the heart's ejection fraction while exercising on a stationary bike. And the worse the CFS, the more ejection fraction decreased during exercise.

    In contrast, tests of heart function in four healthy people showed that they experienced an increase in ejection fraction during exercise.

    At rest, CFS patients and people without the condition had similar ejection fractions.

    The fact that CFS patients are fine at rest suggests that any heart problem they may have is minor, Peckerman said in an interview.

    It's also possible, he noted, that heart problems in CFS could represent the very early stages of congestive heart failure, a chronic condition in which the heart gradually loses its ability to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs.

    Just how mild heart problems may contribute to CFS remains somewhat unclear, Peckerman noted.

    He explained that if the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body, during periods of stress the body will "ration" the blood, sending it to critical organs such as the heart and the brain.

    As a result, the other organs, such as the muscles and the abdomen, could become "shortchanged," Peckerman said, possibly causing fatigue.

    He cautioned that these findings are very preliminary, and much more research is needed before any experts can say that some patients develop CFS as a result of a heart condition.

    "This does not mean anyone who has fatigue ... should be considered to have problems with their heart," Peckerman said.

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    Any thoughts on this article? Thank you. CLD

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    I think there are many causes or triggers that produce in prone people, CFS.

    However, I think that at the root of CFS is CNS injury as reported on PET and SPECT. The damaged areas of the brain, affect such regulatory systems such as endocrine, adrenal, immune system, respiratory, cardiovascular, sleep, pain reception,
    myalgias, neuralgias, mood and sensory systems, digestive system, etc.

    Testing 16 patients with CFS on stationary bikes doesn't surprise me that the found abnormalities, and that these abnormalities increased as the continuance of work increased. I think if they would have looked into other systems besides the cardiovascular system, they would have found other anamolies present, too. I think this is an effect of CFS.

    Best wishes,
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    I think the heart problem is probably an effect of CFS, rather than a cause. I'd bet most of the CFS researchers would agree. Most of the medical community still doesn't get how serious this illness is.