article in the uk daily telegraph on cfs/gene behaviour

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  1. davebhoy

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    the daily telegraph is a quality uk broadsheet. not that this articcel would suggest that.

    its the latest news from dr kerr in london who has identified changes in the gene behaviour of people with cfs

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    I'll definitely be reading this.

  3. vickiw

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    This is wonderful news. I hope Dr Kerr is not being overly optimistic about the drug and the diagnostic test.

    You're right that article is not well written. One of my pet peeves is when the term chronic fatigue is used interchangebly with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Of course the problem is with the name of the DD.

  4. davebhoy thanks so much for supplying the link to the article in the telegraph on chronic fatigue its fantastic news as regards them identifying the cause of this syndrome and even more fantstic news that within a year this team will have made the first attempts to use drugs to treat our desease..

    kind regards
  5. davebhoy

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    dr kerr seems to have some very firm ideas on gene behaviour and cfs but i am waiting to be convinced on his treatment ideas.

    cfs for me has always been about gut feeling. my gut feeling on this is that he is doing some great work in genetic profiling of cfs, but he is no nearer to finding the cure for cfs that we are all seeking. i just dont feel positive about it.

    and i dont want to take something that may work or may not, especially an anti-viral or something that effects the gene expression. i may have cfs but i am scared of changing my genes after all these years.

    i like opposing thumbs.