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    [This was on today and it is inspiring and will touch you.]
    Jobless woman finds generosity on the streets
    By Jim Spellman, CNN

    Denver, Colorado (CNN) -- When Shay Kelley lost her marketing job she got worried. When she lost her home and her car she got mad.

    "I went off into the woods and I started yelling at God," she says. "I didn't know why God would lead me up to this point in my life just to have me left with nothing."

    "I was like, 'Just tell me what my purpose is, tell me why I'm here and if you'll just tell me I'll work harder than for anything I have ever worked for anything else in my entire life.' "

    Within weeks she had her answer: Travel to all 50 states in 50 weeks. Collect canned goods for charities along the way and take a ton of pictures. She has dubbed it Project 50/50.

    She stayed with friends while she waited tables and got together enough money to buy "Bubba," her 1984 Ford pickup truck. She packed her camera, which she calls "Roxy," and her dog, Zu Zu, and hit the road.

    She began on New Year's Day in South Carolina, randomly going door to door to collect canned goods.

    "I set a goal of 200 cans a week, which doesn't sound like a lot, but the premise is [that] doing a little bit adds up to a lot," Kelley says. "After a year, [that's] 10,000 canned food items."

    She began to meet homeless people as she dropped off the canned goods, and she says they have surprised her with their generosity.

    She met Donald, a retired Navy sailor, at a library in South Carolina.

    "He invited me to go to lunch to buy me a hot meal because I had been eating PowerBars for three days," Kelley says. "I found out after he left -- after he paid the tab and paid my meter -- that Donald was homeless, that he was actually living in the shelter."

    "That was the first week when I learned the people with the least tend to give the most."

    Donald was one of the first people she photographed. She posts her pictures on her website and Facebook page as she goes. She has more than 1,000 Facebook fans following her travels.

    One of those Facebook followers is Laurie Holleman Sherrod, who contacted Kelley with an unusual request:

    She asked Kelley if she could find her son, Trey. The last time she heard, he was living on the streets in Santa Cruz, California.

    "I thought that's crazy, how do you find one homeless person in an entire city?" Kelley recalled.

    But she agreed to try and sure enough a few weeks later she happened upon a nice young man on the streets of Santa Cruz.

    "And then here I am sitting around the table with Trey shooting a video for his mother who lives in South Carolina."

    As with everything that has happened to her so far, she credits her faith with guiding her.

    "It is so important to me that God remains in the forefront of my life," she says. "He leads me. He tells me to go right or go left. I can't really explain that to people, but I don't do anything, God does it all. I'm just standing here."

    Through her photos she captures people down on their luck, but not ready to give up. She says it has made her own uncertain future easier to deal with.

    "I just hope that people who are in really rough situations will realize that God didn't forget about them. God is just trying to prepare them for something even bigger, even greater and even more blessed than they can even imagine."

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    I hope God hasn't forgotten about me, it sure feels like it..........10 years and I'm still holding on, Lord have mercy.
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    story, will be going to check this out.
    Hope you are doing well are your cats??
    Sweet, hang in there, He knows you, He loves you, He is there for you. Try, try, try again, takes a few tries, until the timing is right, then things fall into place. You may know why it took time, you may not. Just keep the faith.
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    Aww, she has a dog with her to keep her company. Wish she would come to my door, I would give her a big bag of food, and other things. Our boy scouts do that a couple of times a year, and also, the post office places a bag in the mail box once a year to fill and leave for them to pick up on the date specified. Pretty cool.
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    God hasn't forgotten you and it may just seem like that to you.

    During regular times and when times may not be good, I am always looking to find so much that I can thank Him for. Me personally, I always wonder how anyone would feel if everyone always put all their woes on them, but at the same time never gave time for thanks and appreciation for the many other things--not necessarily what you have, but what you may come across that day, like an especially kind person, someone who helped others, some beautiful plants and flowers (which to me are God's sign posts) those fantastic blue herons and ducks and various birds at the lake and the Gecko lizards (all God's sign posts). It's just the way I look at it, and being disabled in a electric scooter (I wasn't always disabled) but being disabled gave me a whole different life and a whole different and better outlook on life. It's why I try to always give thanks for the many things that I saw or that crossed my path, and I think He sent them for me to notice or to cross my path. I am so grateful He does that.

    And I ask Him mostly for Guidance because I think for the most part, at least with me, He isn't going to do it all for me and wants me to find my way and although disabled to retain my independence with maybe a directional hint from Him sometimes. Since I became disabled I was determined to become fiercely independent and not end up bedridden in a nursing home, which was a real possibility. I think He knows all that and puts up incredibly amazing sign posts for me to see to let me know He's there (and I kid you not, that I see some fabulous sign posts).

    But I definitely pray for help for others. I have eye surgery on Monday (yes, eye surgery yet AGAIN) and I'm going to ask Him for that to go well too.

    I also do with Him the "I don't understand--you'll send me great sign posts, but yet someone is so suffering or that child was tortured to death." Him and I will probably discuss that after I pass and I'll finally understand and I guess we'll all understand that after we pass.

    Sweetpotatoe, try looking for the "sign posts" and they don't have to be flowers or animals, but they are there and sometimes we overlook them. They may give you comfort that he has not forgotten you and they may give you real strength as they do to me. Many hugs.

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    You have an amazing attitude and faith, Thanks for sharing your story, I will be praying for your surgery on Monday.

    I've been looking for the blessings in my life and having communion most days, I am mostly praying for healing of my emotions, the memories that haunt me, the ability to accept whats happened.

    I have been angry with God, 10 years of suffering is wearing me down, its a challenge to accept it because Jesus came so we could have freedom and victory in Him. I will keep working on my thoughts and gratitude.

    God Bless you this day, I bet the weather is glorious in the US, we are coming into winter, but getting nice days sometimes.

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    Prayers going out to you for your eye surgery! Let us know how that went. I can relate to eye problems. Sooo hoping all goes well!
    Love, Cynthia