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    From: Data Doctors (trusted computer advice and repair company and they are on radio and provide newletters):

    Security: Protect Yourself on Social Sites with Defensio

    Scam posts on Facebook and Blogs are on the rise because of the popularity of these new forms of communication. Clickjacking or tricking users into giving up info or installing malware is a very common thing that is popping up all over Facebook (Tsunami video claiming Whale in the side of a building, Teacher from Behind, Lady Gaga is really a man, etc.) so be careful of what you click on!

    But how do you know if you can trust a link when it looks like it was posted by a trusted friend?

    That question is why the folks at Websense came up with Defensio, the first Social Media linking security tool.

    You can quickly Scan Your Page with their free Facebook App or you can use their proactive protection tools to ward off scam links, malware and profanity posts on your Wall!

    If you want to go on Defensio's site then decide to load their software, it is free for individuals having a blog, a Facebook page or a web page:

    If you want to scan your Facebook page:

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