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    Sorry...I know this is kinda long...But it is very interresting...


    Dr. Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.
    Director of The Institute of Alternative Medicine

    Fibromyalgia is the diagnosis doctors give when autoimmune symptoms develop at the same time the patient suffers from sore joints, painful muscles, disturbed microcirculation, chronic fatigue, impaired immunity, sleep disorders, and a reduced level of energy. (Lancet, 1992). It is difficult to identify the causes, triggers and origins of Fibromyalgia, and is often misdiagnosed. But make no mistake the disability is progressive and destructive especially to the high proportion of women that develop Fibromyalgia.

    Symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

    Chronic fatigue
    Abnormally high pain sensitivity especially in the muscles, and joints (arthritis)
    Insomnia or unrefreshing sleep
    Chronic stiffness especially in the shoulders, back and neck
    Reduced levels of Human Growth Hormone
    Reduced levels of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) resulting in low or no energy
    Hormone and endocrine imbalances
    Chronic toxin accumulation from the skin, lungs, intestines, blood stream and brain
    Depressed immune function and activity

    *The above symptoms can decrease immunity and allow or cause fibromyalgia to worsen, producing additional symptoms that include:

    Depression and personality changes(6)
    PreMenstrual Syndrome (11,)
    Tension and migraine headaches (12)
    Muscle trauma, and deconditioning (16)
    Anxiety, sleep disorders (62), vertigo, apathy, mood swings and memory loss
    Autoimmune disorders like chemical hypersensitivity, asthma, lupus and arthritis
    Mitral valve prolapse
    Opportunistic bacterial, viral and parasite infections
    Chronic fatigue immune deficiency
    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky bowel syndrome
    Myofacial pain syndrome
    Hypoglycemia and inability to burn fat
    Intestinal and food allergies
    Possibly a traumatic emotional or physical shock triggers the manifestation of fibromyalgia.

    Causes of Fibromyalgia

    The exact cause of fibromyalgia is not known, but there are numerous contributing factors that seem to trigger the onset of debilitating symptoms. Any one of these contributing factors may or may not be able to cause fibromyalgia on its own, but the theory is that there is some factor that causes an autoimmune response and the body’s immune system responds abnormally by attacking normal tissues. In order for this to happen the immune system is not identifying normal tissues properly. This means the immune system or it ability to identify normal tissue has been damaged, or normal tissue has been damaged and no longer function normally. Either way an immune response is mobilized and the normal tissue will be destroyed as if it were a disease.
    The results of this continual immune assault begins with pain wherever the body is being attacked. The most common places for autoimmune attacks occur in the muscles, soft tissues, joints or any cell that is identified as a foreigner to the body. This includes brain cells. When the immune system damages these tissues sufficiently, it produces diseases like arthritis, irritable bowel disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Because the body is at war with itself, the true cause of fibromyalgia must be something that causes the body’s immune system to attack normal tissues. In order for this to occur one or more of the following must occur:

    1. Normal immune cells that identify normal tissue have become damaged
    2. Normal immune cells are sending improper messages
    3. The receptor sites on normal tissues have been damaged and cannot receive proper messages
    4. Normal tissues are not sending or receiving normal messages
    5. Immune factors that communicate normal or attack status have been adversely affected
    6. Something damaged the immune system, communicating immune factors, or normal tissue receptor sites and is continuing to interfere with normal immunity.

    As the number of contributing factors increase, the symptoms of fibromyalgia increase until the body becomes weaker and less able to identify self from non-self. Ultimately, the burden of multiple problems decimate normal immune function, until the body can no longer suppress the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is interesting to note that wherever the body is weakest the symptoms become strongest. For this reason each fibromyalgia patient suffers in different places. The scientific community will continue to discover more specific causes for auto immune disorders but at present there are four significant factors that have been proven to cause fibromyalgia like symptoms, they are:
    1. Viral infections
    2. Parasite infestations
    3. Bacterial infections
    4. Intestinal yeast infections

    The viral, parasitic, and bacterial infections can trigger autoimmune and hypersensitive reactions that may lead to auto immune responses, but in most cases the human body is only exposed to that infector a single time. The body can usually defend itself and eliminate the disease or suppress all the symptoms. If there is only one exposure the pathogen will be suppressed or it will mutate and become a different manifestation. This is important because the intestinal yeast infection can cause autoimmune disease that has similar symptoms continuously, indicating that it is probably the primary cause of fibromyalgia. A closer scientific review demonstrates support for this theory.

    Intestinal Yeast (candida albicans) produces the following toxins, which could be responsible for the symptoms and causes of Fibromyalgia.
    1. Ethanol- an alcohol of intoxication mutates immune cells (165)
    2. Acetaldehyde 6 times more potent than ethanol, cell mutation (167)
    3. Tyramine interferes with immune function (179)
    4. Canditoxin interferes with and reduces immunity (180)
    5. Proteinase increases candida potency (187)
    6. Glycoprotein toxin interferes with immune function (201)
    7. Polysaccharride proteins reduces immunity (178)
    8. Histamine reduces immunity (111)

    *Cyclosporin is a drug given to patients that have received transplants. It prevents the rejection of the transplant by reducing the function and activity of the immune system. With reduced immunity the transplant is able to live and function within the body. Cyclosporin has numerous adverse side effects including, chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, opportunistic infections due to lowered immunity, low energy, autoimmunity and a host of others that mimic the definition of fibromyalgia. The important thing is that the source of cyclosporin is a fungus found in Norway that is very similar to candida albicans (yeast). Make no mistake one of the primary causes of autoimmune syndromes like Fibromyalgia comes from fungus cyclosporin or candida albicans (intestinal yeast).

    Yeast (candida albicans) is a microscopic fungus that lives in warm moist areas like the skin, intestines, and vagina. It competes for space by secreting toxins; for example penicillin is a fungus that secretes a toxin that kills bacteria. Sugars feed yeast and make it grow, for example bread requires yeast flour and sugar to grow (rise). In the making of bread, if you forget to add sugar, the bread will not grow. As you can see sugar feeds yeast and it grows inside your intestines much like it rises in the mixing bowl. in the process of growing, yeast and sugar produce gases or toxins. Ethanol and acetaldehyde are two of the most toxic gasses produced from candida albicans, and they cause fatigue, drowsiness, depression, tissue damage, and impaired mental function similar to intoxication.

    Acetaldehyde and Ethanol have been proven to cause the following:
    1. Immune cell membrane defects
    resulting in abnormal immune cell shape, thus impairing normal tissue identification. The mutation is passed on through during immune cell reproduction. This interferes with intestinal absorption, excretion and function.
    2. Enzyme destruction resulting in impaired detoxification, tissue destruction, impaired digestion, chronic fatigue, and pain.
    3. Abnormal hormone response resulting in PMS, inability to loose fat, depression, emotional distress, personality disorders, and mood swings.

    Reversing the Cause of Fibromyalgia

    Most fibromyalgia treatments merely treat the symptoms and never address the cause.
    Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune problem and the cause of the autoimmunity must be stopped and reversed if a cure is to be achieved. Since ethanol and acetaldehyde have been shown to cause autoimmune responses and promote the growth of abnormal immune cells, these toxins must be eliminated.

    Note: The following do not heal or cure any type of disease. Only the body can heal itself. However it is a well known fact that when the body is given the proper nutrients to feed, cleanse, and protect itself, it then has the ability to bring itself into balance and combat the cause of autoimmunity and help restore proper immune function and wellness.

    The following steps will combat the cause of autoimmunity and help restore proper immune function and wellness.

    1. Cleansing Agents

    You need to take a Pro-biotic product that contains over ten billion active cultures of the following:
    lactobacillus acidophilus, bifodobacterium bifidum, lactobacillus bulgarius, bifidobacterium longum, and streptococcus thermophilus.

    These healthy intestinal flora are the primary tools for destroying candida and restoring normal intestinal absorption and immune function. Good flora works by secreting toxins that kill candida albicans. As candida retreats, the good flora re-establishes its intestinal domain. This results in a reduction of the yeast and the toxins it produces, which include ethanol and acetaldehyde.

    By killing off the yeast and the toxins it produces, the following benefits result:
    A reduction in immune cell wall mutation, which reduces autoimmune responses, which results in no more abnormal shaped immune cells being reproduced. As the immune cells take two weeks to reproduce normal cells, the body will cleanse for two weeks and then rebuild steadily. Digestive gas bloating and irritability should subside first, followed by a reduction in muscle and joint pain, followed by a reduction in chemical sensitivities, followed by a continual strengthening of the immune system, followed by improved health and vigor and vitality.

    This is the most important step in arresting the production and replication of abnormal immune cells. This stops the cause of the autoimmune response.

    This Pro-biotic product should be taken on an empty stomach (which is three hours after you eat or one-half hour before you eat) twice a day for the first month, after which it can be taken once a day, or as needed. In severe conditions it can be taken three times a day, and in mild cases it can control symptoms with once a day dosing.

    5. Behavior Modification

    a. Stop eating refined sugars, fruit sugars, and start eating stevia or saccharin.
    b. Stop eating milk sugars and dairy products
    c. Avoid eating red meats, yeast, and caffeine
    d. Avoid taking birth control pills , alcohol, and tobacco
    e. Stop taking antibiotics for the problem

    6. Follow the ESSENCE of Healthy Living, where each letter in the word ESSENCE stands for a healthy principle to live by

    a. Eat correctly
    b. Sleep 8 hours nightly
    c. Supplement where there is a deficiency
    d. Exercise and stretch daily
    e. Naturally hydrate with water (8 glasses daily)
    f. Cleanse the intestines and restore good flora daily
    g. Eliminate harmful behavior (like smoking etc

    Optional Drug Therapy Diflucan is an antifungal drug that is prescribed for toenail fungus. It works to kill the intestinal yeast. Even though the drug can be prescribed for 6 - 12 months, it kills the intestinal fungus so well that it only needs to be taken for two weeks. The only patients that need this drug are those that are so fatigued that they are only able to get out of bed and function for three hours a day.

    What You Can Expect

    Expect a dramatic cleansing of the yeast that usually results in a flu-like illness that lasts about two weeks, after which a steady return to good health begins. This return to good health takes at least one month for mild cases, three to six months for moderate cases and six to nine months for severe cases. Remember you are killing a yeast infection that took years or decades to develop. Because of this it may take months to return to a normal function. Virtually everyone that uses this protocol experiences significant benefit and about half of the patients progress to a point where they function normally without symptoms. At this point it takes small continuous preventive amounts of these behaviors and supplements to keep functioning normally.

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    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing

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    Great info Sherld, will read this again later.

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    With Lyme and/or mycoplasma infections have to take antibiotics. I was on Doxycycline for 2 1/2 years with no yeast problems. He is correct in that the probiotics need to be taken.

    While he says that viral and bacterial infections are usually a one-time exposure, he ignores the nature of some pathogens to go stealth and chronic in the body. Many of us test pos. for from one to seven chronic infections. These have to be treated. Even if yeast is removed from our bodies, the body cannot heal itself of an infection which thrives below the immune system's radar.

    While many docs believe our illnesses to be autoimmune, the jury is still out on that one. Newer research is focusing on the central nervous system.

    I think there is some good info here but it ignores a lot and makes some assumptions which are not proven. Thanks for posting it; it is helpful for anyone fighting yeast infefection and we can always use different perspectives.

    Love, Mikie
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    It made for a very interesting read ....

    I have to question his statement that fibromyalgia is an autoimmune illness. I haven't read any recent research that still points in this direction. More of an neuroendocrine illness.

    There are too many of us who have never had candida yeast overgrowth that happen to have fibro. To go by his statements, I should either be well or misdiagnosed.

    I do think there was some excellent information listed for those who do have a yeast problem and are looking for more help in that area.

    Thank you for taking the time to post this ....

    Take care,


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