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    The current (Spring 2003) issue of USC Health magazine includes a four-page article about fibromyalgia by Sarah Lifton that looks pretty good to me. The magazine is available online (do a Google search for USC Health), but the latest issue they have posted is the Winter 2003 one.

    The article gives a toll-free phone number for learning more about research and treatment of fibromyalgia: 1-800-USC-CARE, or 1-800-872-2273, but I'm not sure whether that's accessible from everywhere or just from a limited area. If you get through to somebody at that number, you can ask them to send you a copy of the Spring 2003 issue of USC Health. If not, you can periodically check the USC Health web site, and once the Spring 2003 issue is posted, you can search the site for the article, which is titled "Tender Points."

    I think it's great that an institution like USC has recognized the legitimacy of fibromyalgia and the needs of fibro patients. Maybe a copy of this article--with the source clearly indicated--can help get through to the non-believers in our lives, whether in the medical establishment or in our own families.

    --Laura R.M.
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    Thanks for the info Laura,
    I put the post in my list of articles to read. It means alot to me (and all of us I'm sure) to see that this DD is FINALLY being recognized!
    Take Care,Ziggy
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    Could you make sure this stays bumped up for awhile. Its encouraging to read recognition!!!! Thanks June
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    Hi Laura,
    I just read you profile - I also grew up in Minnesota, about 10 miles from a little town called Stillwater.
    I've been in southern California since '75 and know the great reputation USC has. I just signed up for the free subscription so hope maybe they will send the Spring issue. If not I will call them.

    Thanks for the info.
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    I'm bumping this message, as requested, but I will be out of town from tomorrow through July 1 and won't be able to keep the message bumped. So if you notice this rolling over to the next page, please bump it. Thanks.

    --Laura R.M.
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