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    it's been in the news that Hillary is hospitalized for a blood clot, I've heard she has had them before too. The MD's have her on blood thinners in hope that the clot will disolve.

    Can't help but think, if she had been on Grape Seed, perhaps this would NOT have thinking on this.

    Grape Seed Ex is a blood thinner and helps keep the blood from clotting, so makes good sense to me.

    Just thinking about this and had to put it out there.
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    For all your info.. I use 21st Century , my local pharm sells it so easy to get.. Have you heard of this brand? I am going to increase my dose to 200 mg a day due to the lyme and my doc wants me to take all the antioxidants I can handle.
    Vit c upsets my esoph. so maybe the increase in grapeseed will help, sure can't hurt...

    Hope you are feeling better...
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    if it doesn't upset you....give it a try and see how it goes....if you can't back down to 200mg.

    I take 200mg three times per day and have NO issues, but I don't deal with some of the stuff you do.....

    I may have heard of that brand that pharm sells...I get all my supps on line for more savings.....
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    today while listening to Dr. Darrow on the radio. He's the prolotherapy doc.

    This man is 75 and he was asking Darrow about hip pain and other joint pain issues...

    Then he said does coumodin (blood thinner drug) conflict with Prolo and the Doc said NO. Then doc asked why he was on the blood thinner drug, and the man said his MD likes to put everyone 75 and more on these blood thinners to help prevent strokes....

    Duh....tooo tooo bad NOT ENOUGH know about grape seed and how it helps keep our blood thin..........
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    There are a number of supplements that thin the blood, Ginger extract, Green Tea extract, GSE etc.

    The problem with cancer (Leukemia in particular) patients so often already have problems with low platelets. As a result all too often spontaneous bleeding occurs from nose or bowels, internal bleeding for example, and it is not easy to control when a persons blood is low in platelets.

    It's bad practice and dangerous to simply prescribe or suggest a medication just because of a persons age. Similarly it's bad practice and dangerous to prescribe or suggest Ginger extract, Green Tea extract, GSE without an understand of a persons overall medical condition.
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    Time to bump up for anyone who is interested. jam