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    This was a post in the Yahoo Adult Heavy Metal Group:

    Are Microwaves a Major Causal Factor in CFS/ME?
    by Professor Paul Doyon:

    1. The symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mimic those of what the
    Russians have termed "Radio Wave Illness" but also known
    as "Microwave Sickness."

    2. Outbreaks of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" or "Yuppie Flu" suddenly
    became widespread in the mid 80s just as commercial cellular phone
    networks were being set up in the United States and other parts of the

    3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a number of other similar syndromes
    (Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer's, etc.) increased exponentially in the early
    1990s with the advent and spread of digital (2G) cellular phone

    4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and ADHD are found to be more
    prevalent in countries with a plethora of cell phone networks and
    electrosmog present while being just about absent in those countries
    with few like Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, and Laos which have been late
    to implement cell phone technology. (These disease states are also
    extremely rare among the Amish - who due to religious beliefs do not
    use electricity. )

    5. Microwaves have been shown in studies to induce Oxidative Damage
    leading to a decrease in Super Oxide Dimutase (SOD), catalase,
    glutathione, CoQ10 along with evidence of increased byproducts of
    oxidative stress to cell membranes, MDA. Oxidative damage has been
    found to be a major factor in CFS and people with CFS consistently
    found to be depleted in the above body's natural antioxidents.

    6. Exposure to microwaves and other EMFs is known to abnormally
    affect calcium flux into and out of cells. This is also a abnormality found
    in people with CFS/ME.

    7. Mitochondria Disfunction - shown to be induced by microwave
    exposure - is also an abnormality found in CFS/ME.

    8. Red blood cells (erythrocytes) are altered and their count decreased
    by exposure to microwave radiation. Red blood cells are responsible for
    transporting oxygen to and carbon dioxide away from cells in the brain
    and other organs of the body. Lack of oxygen to the brain and other
    organs can result in brain fog, inability to concentrate, dizziness, and
    nausea - symptoms found in CFS; they are also interestingly found in
    altitude sickness due to hypoxia or a lack of oxygen being transported to
    the tissues in the brain and other organs.

    9. Microwaves have been shown in studies to induce a decrease in the
    numbers of Natural Killer (NK) cells. Low numbers of NK Cells are found
    in People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (PWC), and are thought to be
    responsible for the reactivation of viral and other infections found in

    10. In workers occupationally exposed long-term to microwaves a lower
    value of T-helper/T-suppress or (T4/T8) ratio were found. PWC have a
    lower than normal ratio of T4/T8.

    11. EMF exposure has been shown to effect an increase in viruses,
    bacteria, mold, parasites, and yeast in the blood of the human host.
    These pathogens are all commonly found in PWC.

    12. Microwaves have been shown in studies to induce "subliminal"
    stress causing the adrenals to excrete more cortisone and adrenaline
    eventually leading to adrenal exhaustion. Adrenal exhaustion is a major
    factor in CFS.

    13. Studies have shown a decrease 5-HT in the blood of those exposed
    to microwaves. 5-HT is a precursor to the production of serotonin. Low
    levels of serotonin have been linked to anxiety and depression. Anxiety
    and depression are symptoms commonly found in People With CFS

    14. Microwaves are known to induce a decrease in norepinephrine
    levels. Norepinephrine is essential for control of the autonomous
    nervous system. The autonomous nervous system is known to be
    affected in people with CFS - and in Japan, people with CFS (PWC) are
    now often also diagnosed as having the now extremely common
    Autonomous Nervous System Disorder (jiritsushinkeishic hosho).
    Norepinephrine is also connected with short-term memory disturbances
    and depression, both of which are found in PWC.

    15. Melatonin production is altered by exposure to microwaves.
    Melatonin is an antioxidant necessary for sleep. Melatonin is believed to
    be altered in CFS with irregular sleep patterns and insomnia symptoms
    associated with CFS.

    16. Dopamine levels are also known to be affected by microwave
    radiation exposure. PWC have been found to often have low levels of
    dopamine with decreased dopamine being linked to depression, a
    symptoms also found in PWC.

    17. Decreases in the hormone Acetylcholine - known to be induced by
    exposure to EMR - is an abnormality also found in CFS/ME.

    18. People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome usually feel better at night
    (in spite of sleep problems) - when there are less people using their cell
    phones and hence less electrosmog.

    19. Some EMF frequencies have been shown to induce restlessness.
    PWC often complain of restlessness and many have a condition called
    restless leg syndrome (RLS).

    20. It has been documented that people who have had a cell phone
    tower installed near their homes suddenly start having the following
    symptoms: headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate, memory
    problems, fatigue, worsening vision, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, and
    decreased appetite. All these symptoms have been found in people with

    21. It has been found in CFS (and Autism) via SPECT scans that there is
    decreased blood flow to the brain. Studies have shown that
    electromagnetic fields (EMF), like those emitted by cell phones, alter
    regional cerebral blood flow.

    22. Microwaves have been shown to alter blood coagulation. People
    with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often have a coagulation dysfunction.

    23. PWC often suffer from allergies. Allergies involve the production of
    histamine by mast cells. Microwaves have been known to turn on mast
    cells to produce more histamine and other EMFs have been to shown to
    actually increase the number of mast cells in the body. Microwaves have
    also been found to increase IgE antibodies in people with atopic eczema.

    24. Low Blood Pressure (hypotension) is known to be caused by
    microwave exposure and it is also a symptom found in CFS/ME.

    25. Microwaves are also known to adversely affect the heart. People
    with CFS usually go on to develop heart problems in the later stages
    of their illness.

    26. Studies have shown an adverse effect of microwaves on the eyes.
    PWC often complain of problems with their eyes and vision deterioration.

    27. It is known that microwaves and other EMR alter the pineal gland's
    production of melatonin and serotonin which - among other actions -
    regulate the body's biocycles. People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    usually have a dysfunctional pineal gland.

    28. Nitric Oxide buildup - a byproduct of microwave exposure - is also
    found in CFS.

    29. An opening of the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) - shown to be induced
    by microwave radiation exposure - is also found in PWC/ME.

    30. Six thousand German doctors - many specializing in Environmental
    Medicine - have signed the Freidburger Appeal - after the government
    failed to act - since they have noticed a correlation between a
    microwave exposure by cell phones and cell phone towers and a
    number of symptoms, many of which are found in CFS/ME.

    31. There have been a number of anecdotal accounts from PWC/ME
    who have cured themselves or eliminated many of their symptoms by
    reducing their exposure to or removing themselves from an
    electromagnetic environment.

    Having said that I think that all this evidence is pretty substantial. Isn't it
    time for good people to stand up and say something in numbers, to
    stand up and do something together?

    "Somehow these dangers must be brought into the open so forcefully
    that the entire population of the world is made aware of them.
    Scientists must begin to ask and seek answers tot he questions raised in
    this chapter, regardless of the effect on their careers [emphasis mine].
    These energies are too dangerous to me entrusted forever to
    politicians, military leaders, and their lapdog researchers. " (Becker,
    1985, p. 328)

    Hence, in examining the pieces of the puzzle called CFS and connecting
    those pieces to the research on the effects of microwave radiation and
    other EMR, the overwhelming evidence presented in this paper seems
    to answer the question, "Are microwaves and other EMR a causal factor
    in CFS/ME?" with a definite and reverberating "Yes."

    It shall be interesting to see how those who make their living through
    the business and politics of denial, deciet, deception, will try to spin the
    facts. The truth of the matter is that the present ambient level of EMR in
    our environment is dangerous and is making too many of us sick. It is
    time we moved from denial to acceptance, from ignorance to
    awareness, and apathy to action.

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    about Marin County California... there is a documentary (sorry can't remember the name) about how they have the highest rate of breast cancer, even tho overall it has a high socioeconomic profile.

    An activist group feels it is because the valley is ringed by the cell/microwave towers, in the documentary they showed how inside their offices the gaussmeter (sp) was hardly 'blipping' because they used a special paint with copper in it on the walls to block the waves, plus special mesh over the windows and a special computer shield. When they opened the mesh, the meter was blipping at a continual stream. It really makes me wonder!

    Some site also offers something you can plug into wall outlets to 'neutralize' (for lack of a better word) emf in case your electrical system isn't set up correctly...

    a test you can do is take an AM radio, set it to where there is no station, and if the static increases by any outlets or appliances, you know too many waves are being given off.

    And yet another online site now offers underclothing one can wear to block the signals.

    It's weird, if I have my cell phone next to my computer, my computer makes a certain noise at least 3-5 seconds before the phone rings. I often listen to an 'audio book' on a small battery-powered tape player in the bedroom, it too will make the same noise my computer makes, &even tho I DON'T keep the cell phone in my bedroom. In fact both made the noises even before we got cell phones...

    More food for thought...

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    Your article quoted Dr. Becker. He also has a book called "Crosscurrents".

    Alternating Current (AC) fields are detrimental but Direct Current (DC) are beneficial. A DC field would be a magnet. Dr. William Philpot M.D. was a pioneer in magnetic therapy.

    Dr. William Wong N.D. uses pulsed DC fields in some of his therapy. 8-12 Hertz or cycles per seconds seem to have the best effect. Our earth's magnetic field pulses at 5~15 Hertz. The University of Alaska at Fairbanks records the magnetic fields and put them to music, sped up of course but it varies.

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  5. swedeboy

    swedeboy Member

    Yeah saratoga is outrageously expensive. It has the 7th highest income per capita in the Country. Although I help to bring that average down considering I only make $840 a month from SSI. But I still get all of the great small town charm nonetheless. Saratoga was also rated as the 25th best place to live out of 100 towns/cities in America. I live off of Quito road and I rent a room in a house.

    I don't really know quite where I stand on the whole "microwave" issue. I mean I like the convenience of Microwave ovens and cell phones. But I would think that the way technology advances that they could come up with safer alternatives. I want my creature comforts, but not at the price of my health.

    Take care, Swedeboy
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    Did you notice any health improvements when you got rid of your microwave?

    I am wondering if anyone noticed any improvements with their CFS/FMS after getting rid of their microwaves, cell phones, wireless modems, cordless phones, etc...

    Thanks, Swedeboy
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    I was born in San Francisco and spent most of my life in the bay area. I had FM in my mid twenties which was in the early 1970's. I had no microwave and just he usual for the time land phone and 1 TV. I am not sure what would have been a factor. We had no towers, microwaves, etc. Maybe it was my misspent youth listening to Wolfman Jack from his 90bizillion watt station. This is really interesting information.
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    i talked to Paul a few weeks ago over the phone (landline!!!). he is a friend of friends of mine who live in the south of India. he was visiting and they called me.
    he is absolutly convinced that his cfs has been caused by Microwaves and is running around with a zapper to check where ever he is, if there are any Microwaves around.he claims, that if he stays away of Microwaves, he is cured.
    he stayed half a year high in the japanese mountains in order to stay away from microwaves.

    i just live under three phone towers and i do feel feverish when i stay too long on the computer and get a hot ear and head, if i use the phone to long.
    i also watched just two weeks ago a very interesting tv programm (i think it was bbc or geographical) where they showed the effect of the magnetic fields of computer is messing up the order of our cells. it was amazhing to see it actually under the microscope!!!!normal cell formation is very much regular, after two hours on the computer they were all jumbeled and went highwire.

    paul was ill only for one year and had a fluish onset. i have troubles believing that cfs is directly caused by these waves, but i think they are weakening the immune system considerable and possible have a direct influence on our CNS, they do apparently damage NKcells and more. so, yes, i will move away very soon and will give up the handphone.

    i also studied a few years ago something about magnetic fields and there is a very famous story about the the russian secret service raying the american embassy with magnetic fields, they all got sick with cancer. this is a true story!

    the most amazing display of the dangers of high-power-lines i saw on the yahoo news, you can find it under youtube;
    in australia they showed a group of people standing under such a power line with tubelights in their hands and they lit up!!!!! you can see for yourself on youtube. i did not believe it before i saw it!


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  9. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    for the australien thing.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I was sick years before we all had microwave ovens and cell phones but my CFIDS and FMS took a big turn for the worse when a tall microwave tower was installed in the park across the street.

    Zappers use DC in healing. I have a sense of well-being when I run mine.

    Love, Mikie
  11. woofmom

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    And the chemicals in plastic does leach out when microwaved!!!!!!!!!!!! Toxic shaghetti, anyone?
  12. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    It seems to make sense about microwaves, etc. I have thought about it myself from time to time.

    Thank you for posting such an informative article.

  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Creepy! And food for thought.

    I really hope we're not going to have to wear tinfoil on our heads.

  14. jole

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    I have been sick with FM all my life, but it became much worse to the point of being finally diagnosed after I became a medical transcriptionist, sitting in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day for a few years.

    I am another one that has never felt safe with the microwave, and use it as little as possible. But the computer is a different story.

  15. swedeboy

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    Wow, it's nice to read all the great comments!

    What's a "Zapper"? Where can I get one?

    Mikie said:
    "Zappers use DC in healing. I have a sense of well-being when I run mine."
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are little battery-operated machines which put out a low-voltage, low-frequency current which kills pathogens in the blood. I know it works because if I use mine aggressively, I will have a Herxheimer reaction. There is scientific theory to back up the effectiveness of these amazing little machines.

    I bought mine at the Hulda Clark website and you can learn more about them there. Unfortunately, the FDA has made them remove most of the info on how they work. Do a search on zappers on the web and you will get more info. You can do a search here and read our old posts on zappers.

    Love, Mikie
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    It should be noted that I am the only one sick in my family. Only MY branch of the family got sick. My mother and grandmother suffered terribly before they died. What did my perfectly healthy cousins and aunts and uncles do differently? They didn't have microwave ovens. They cooked all their food the old fashioned way with a regular stove. I really believe this has something to do with it. They all had money, so if they ate out, it was at the best restaurants where the food was cooked without a microwave oven. And they really never went to fast food places. They liked deli's where they could get fresh sandwiches that were not microwaved. Then if you look at my branch of the family, we had the microwave oven since I was just about fifteen years old. We all got sick. And sicker and sicker. I really think there is something to this.

    But the problem is, the government will never admit that microwaves are not safe. Too much money is involved. The food industry is too powerful. They will never admit it.

    When you look back on it, how did any of us ever believe a microwave oven was safe? We all got snowed, radioactively snowed.
  18. hermitlady

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    Thanks for updating this post, I learned a lot.

    Modern technology may not be all that great after all, huh?

    I'm definitely going to quit using my microwave :(
  19. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    Seriously, if none of us had ever heard of a microwave TODAY, and someone came up to you and said here's this microwave to cook your food in, wouldn't you be like, no thanks, I don't think it sounds very safe and I'd rather wait and see on that? And yet, back in the 80's we just trusted that it was safe. I think we all just assumed that the government performed tests and deemed it safe. Now we know that the government is not to be trusted.
  20. TeaBisqit

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    There's also aluminum poisoning. I've had to give up using regular deodorant/antiperspirants because I've found that I'm alot sicker if I use them. They have a high aluminum content. If I use that stuff, I start to feel like something is attacking my central nervous system and my muscles feel trembly. I believe this is the cause of why I collapsed on my front lawn last year. I had been using more deodorant because I was going out more, and I was drinking alot of club soda from aluminum cans. This was going on for three weeks, by the end of the third week, I was so incredibly ill that I collapsed on my front lawn and fractured the leg I fell on. All of my symptoms had been getting steadily worse during those three weeks. And when I look back on it, that's what I was doing, I was using more deodorant and drinking out of aluminum cans. If I spend a few days drinking out of those cans now, I get the same result, something attacking my central nervous system, trembly muscles, just a feeling of being seriously sick.

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