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    Monday, February 10, 2003


    FEBRUARY 10. I write this to point out that major media outlets STILL have not recorded the huge US government turnaround on the smallpox vaccine.

    When the idea of mass vaccinations was first introduced, Tommy Thompson told the American people that a vial of smallpox vaccine would have "every American's name on it," and the only condition for a massive enforced injection campaign was the production of enough vials.

    Thompson and Bush were unequivocal.

    Flashing forward, Thompson told the public that he was not going to take the vaccine, and he was recommending that all other cabinet members decline as well. In fact, the government was not going to recommend the vaccine to ANYONE.

    He gave no explanation for the reversal.

    And the press did not ask.

    So we have a mutual silence, which covers up the fact that the government does not want to say it was wrong, that it had ignored the severe dangers of the vaccine.

    Instead, we have been presented with an omission.

    Judging from my past experience with stories like this, I infer that, once again, the issue of National Security has been invoked. In this case, NS means: "The government must not be accused of making a serious medical error, because that would undermine public faith in vaccines in general."

    I also infer that, at least several months before Thompson's startling announcement that he was not recommending the vaccine, the government knew it was going to reverse its position. From that moment on, the only question was: how to play it.

    The strategy was simple: orchestrate a series of statements from doctors and medical bureaucrats. These statements would cast doubt on the safety of the vaccine. The press and the public would be softened up, so that Thompson's eventual turnaround would not seem so abrupt.

    Let us assume that, among the corps of medical reporters who cover drugs and vaccines and other treatments, several quietly spoke to their normal reliable sources, and were told: "Look, maybe in a few months I can get you detailed information on the government reversal, and you can do a comprehensive piece on it then."

    And, yes, we may see such a piece crop up. Or even a book. But by then, the embarrassing details will be woven to give the impression of "good men trying to work out a thorny and complex problem." A little bit of guilt will be sprinkled here and there, and then denials will be issued to refute the weak charges of culpability---and who will care?

    Of course, there is another reason the government does want to admit its guilt. In the coming months, we may see yet another 180. A "bio-terror smallpox attack" may be staged. At which point, it would not do for Thompson or Bush to declare, "Well, yes, we've gone on the record with an admission of our mistake, the vaccine is not safe, but what the hell---we're ordering everyone in Illinois and Michigan and Arizona to get jabbed with it NOW."


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