Article on Yahoo today about "Are antidepressants addictive?"

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    Interesting article, also talks about how terrible it is to come off of Paxil and Effexor and some people just keep taking it because coming off of it is worse...

    Thought this might be interesting!
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    Docs are so worried about giving us decent pain relief, but you rarely hear about narcotic addiction among genuine pain sufferers. But I've heard so many stories about terrible a.d. w/drawals and docs perscribe them willy nilly wheather you are depressed or not.


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    people can come off these meds without problems , if they taper off slowly .

    No med that affects brain function or chemistry should be ABRUPTLY withdrawn , that would include anti- seizure meds .

    I think the underlying problem is the abrupt withdrawal
    to brain chemistry.

    I have stopped ADs before . I had no immediate symptoms, HOWEVER three months later my depression returned in full force , because mine is genetic and simply must be treated .
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    I read this article and was disappointed in the use of the word "addiction". It would be more appropriate to call it "dependence", since addiction would mean that these people are taking it whether they need it or not, in order get some kind of "secondary gain".

    Additionally, since A/D's change brain chemistry, over time that can change neural pathways. It seems logical that if you take an A/D for long enough (and it may not have to be very long), your brain could "adapt" to having that medication (or the neural pathways could change), and you would NEED that medication - or you would feel the effects of discontinuing it.

    This is NOT addiction!

    It is either physical dependence, or physical symptoms from discontinuing a medication that has altered your neurological functioning.

    HUGE difference...

    The Drug Companies know this, and they should be up front about it!

    - julie (is free!)

    I read the entire Wikipedia article - even the accurate parts!

    - Dr. Stephen Colbert
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