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    The Underrated Cat Quietly Serves the People they Love

    The cat is terribly underrated, sometimes seen as only a self-centered, ornamental pet. But cats are multi-dimensional, mysterious creatures who will always defy whatever reputation people believe of them. Say they’re aloof, you’ll find kitties who are extremely affectionate. Say they are solitary by nature, you’ll find clusters of inseparable friends. Say they do only what pleases them, you’ll find cats have regularly tend to others’ needs.

    It’s not surprising, with their reputation, that we don’t hear more about the services cats provide to other pets and people. There are no schools we know of that teach cats how to perform helpful tasks, as there are for dogs. Cats that rise to the occasion to become service animals are generally not taught to do the job. They understand there is a need, and they fill it.

    Cats appoint themselves as service animals

    Cats have been known to become guide cats, not for people, but for other pets in the house. Cats seem to know when one of their furry friends, be it cat or dog, has lost his vision, and they take on the job of guiding the blind animal through life. One of the most beautiful stories of this can be found on The Daily Mews. Mary, an old Pug, had gone completely blind in both eyes. The owners noticed that their rescued kitty, Mancat, was unusually devoted to Mary, always at her side. They realized Mancat was guiding the blind Pug around furniture, up the stairs, even guarding her food bowl so the other dogs wouldn’t take advantage. Mancat was Mary’s self-appointed guide cat for the rest of her life.

    Some cats have become “hearing cats” for their deaf owners. Though never trained, nor asked to perform these services, some cats can alert the deaf to the doorbell ringing, a fire alarm going off, or a baby crying in the next room.


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