Article: Step Away From the Rough Stuff and Smile with Me

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    Step away from the rough stuff for a minute and smile with me
    by Mata H

    You know the feeling. There you are, waist deep in the troubles of the world, the stress of your life, and you just need to change the channel! Even for a minute!

    It has been a long week. The news has not all been good. I was haunted by images of tragedy and violence and hatred this week. The news seemed so full of hard things. I needed to "lift my eyes unto the hills" and find some higher ground, some inspiration, some sights and sounds and blogs that made me feel uplifted, encouraged.

    I found myself going back to this video, a recording of "Stand By Me". You Tube says: "From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes the first of many "songs around the world" being released independently. Featured is a cover of the Ben E. King classic by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe."

    So off I went in search of even more inspiring things to share with you. It's a polyglot blend, to be sure -- but I am operating on the "some spiritual snack for everybody" rule. (I just made that rule up.) Here is how it goes.

    "Assemble enough tasty morsels, and everyone gets to have at least one happy little nibble."

    I had a few concerns. I didn't want to post anything that was a lie. I mean, between you and me, I don't think there is some magic happy-thought that will make all our troubles vanish. So I didn't want to post anything that was too Pollyanna-esque. I wanted things that inspired, uplifted -- things that got us through. And I wanted things that would apply to anyone, no matter what faith they did or didn't bring to this post.

    But I know I missed a lot of them. That is where YOU come in. (Actually you never left.)

    We are all in this old world together, making sense out of it as we are able, lending a hand when we can. Let's share the goodness. Soul to Soul.

    From CARE Australia - some thoughts on the power of women.

    Riana an American living in the south of France with her child and French husband is poorer "than dirt", but so very happy with her life. Her blog entry about it almost sings!

    Free Hugs - An Australian man in Sydney gave away free hugs. Watch the video that made him famous, and then see the video that explains his story.

    Arielle Gardner is inspired by stunning photographs taken by supermodel Helena Christensen,on a recent trip to Peru, her mother's native land.

    Buglegirl writes about how inspired she is by the stories told by the famous pilot Janet Lee Simpson, now 84.

    Rachel ins inspired by her friend Audrey who is doing a 3 day breast cancer walk, and also tells the story of her friend, Anita.

    Her story is very inspiring as she is living below poverty level, on disability due to brain damage she suffered in a car accident as a child. Despite all adversities, she managed to achieve a masters in film-making from the Chicago Institute of Art on a Fulbright Scholarship. Her goal is to make a triathlon documentary. Triathlon has helped give her new chances and heal herself.

    Jennifer has made an "inspiration board" of the six pictures that inspired her this year on her blog. She is a newlywed who is renovating a house. I like the idea of an inspiration board.

    Maya Angelou - "And Still I Rise"

    Michael Franti and Sey Hey -- This is here because I love it. It makes me happy. I always feel better after I watch it. "But I know one thing --I love you." That's enough for me!

    Have a good weekend and week. Be thankful. Find joy. Share inspiration. Hug.

    Especially hug.

    Mata H , CE for Religion and Spirituality blogs at Time's Fool

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    I loved this entire article because with the wars, and the violence on the news sometimes in our neighborhoods, and what each of us face in our own lives, I felt we all needed something that would send us and our spirits soaring into a good direction. Plus, the videos on the actual site are very good and positive. I was so pleased to see this positive piece.