Article: TSA insists on diaper removal from woman

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    June 27, 2011

    TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida

    Read the safe website article below about the 95 year old woman who is ill with leukemia, wearing a diaper and in a wheelchair and at the airport going through security (TSA). Her daughter said "the two were traveling June 18 from northwest Florida to Michigan, so her mother could move in with relatives before eventually going to an assisted living facility."

    During a pat down of the 95 year old woman, the TSA felt her wet diaper and insisted it be removed. The 95 year old then caught the flight (actually almost missed the flight due to the delay) without any underwear. Because the daughter started to cry and was obviously upset, she was pulled aside for an intense procedure too.

    Imagine how it would have made you feel? Imagine how it will make all future flyers feel that have to wear adult diapers??


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    The elderly ill and disabled woman in the adult diaper (above) who had to remove that diaper for airport security (TSA) has been on the news a lot where I am. Probably on the news in many places across the United States.

    The Smoking Gun website stated that another person put drugs into an adult diaper, so that's why this the above-mentioned woman's wet diaper, that had clumped somewhat from the urine, made her a candidate that the TSA wanted to have the adult diaper removed and that diaper searched. Yuck, does this mean they are searching baby and toddler diapers too? I remember my son's toddler diapers and some messy ones were so toxic you wanted to put on the gas mask and gloves and pick them up with tongs. Is the TSA going to be going through messy diapers TO CHECK THEM OUT???

    What has been pointed out by the general public is doesn't the TSA at airports have dogs that search for drugs and explosives so that this woman would not have had to disrobe and remove the diaper and spare all those people in the future in adult diapers the embarassment?