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    In the website below (which is a magazine) there are the following articles you may be interested in reading:
    FROM NIH (National Institute of Health) Medline Plus
    Feature: Senior Living

    * Caregiving and Decision-Making For Seniors: How You Can Help
    * For Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Parents, Staying Close to Family Is Key
    * There's No Place Like Home
    * Assisted Living
    * Long Distance Caregiving
    * Staying Positive and Moving Forward
    * Former WWII Fighter Pilot Finds New Home Near Family
    * Near-Centenarian Makes Friends Quickly in New Home


    P.S. I am subscribed to the above free magazine. If you are interested in receiving this free magazine at home, fill out the form on this safe site below and click "SUBMIT" and it will send in your subscription and you will start receiving it at home. I love receiving info on health and many other issues, including the Senior issues, including caregiving. [This Message was Edited on 09/13/2009]