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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpipes, Jan 2, 2007.

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    I'm new and am in "information overload" trying to read all the posts. The only thing I take is Elavil which works for pain, but fatigue and Fibro fog are my main problems. I thought I would try one thing at a time starting out the new year. I picked artifical sweetners first because I do use a lot of Equal (aspartane)and drink several Diet Cokes a day. It will be hard, but I've got to try. Would like to hear from others who have done this. How long does it usally take to tell if it is making a difference? I'm a little overweight and am afraid of gaining.
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    I used to cram my face full of junk most of my life. I was lucky, I got a tiny bit "pudgy", but that was it. Now, looking back, I think the reason I was always compelled to eat was because I wasn't getting the proper nutrients from my diet and that would cause my body to always make me want to eat.

    If you are going to drink something, maybe try some health drinks (veggies and fruits, low sugar of course) from the health food store. Anything is better than the diet drinks. I have read they tend to make food cravings worse because they cause you to use up more of the nutrients in your body to eliminate them. If you could make fresh juice yourself, that would be even better. Or get some of the green superfood powders from the health food store. As your body gets more of what it needs, it will stop bothering you to "put something in it". That's really the only way your body has to alert you that it needs something.

    I just kept giving mine all the wrong things.

    And stevia is a harmless sweetener you can get at the health food store for coffee, tea, etc.

    best wishes,

  3. woofmom

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    That poisonous garbage almost killed me. Please do some research on it. It is a neurotoxin that attacks your brain. Make sure you read all labels on things you consume. They "sneak" it in products because people are finally getting wise to it's ill effects. It's even in regular chewing gum, and you almost need a magnifying glass to see it listed.

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