Artificial light linked to Breast Cancer

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    I know that some of us believe we are at greater risk for certain cancers because of our illnesses, I just never thought of this connection...

    Please visit to read in its entirety, the article is on its home page entitled "Artificial Light linked to breast cancer"

    To summarize tho, it seems if you awaken at night (most of us do) you are interrupting the melatonin...Shoot, I just fogged out here and can't seem to recall the exact wording. Please go to and read this, I found it 'enlightening'...

    Also, my hometown paper had an article about heart patients having 'depression'...As they say, we learn something new everyday...

    Sorry, I didn't provide the link or was able to quote the article at all, as most of you know, once you start the downturn in the day, it's hard to get the brain working again...Sorry, I wasn't more helpful but I wanted everyone to read this new info...

    I went back and got the link, now we hope its correct,tehe,0,2424686.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    I wonder if they correlated this research to Alaska where they have the dark long winters?

    What sort of light I wonder as flurescent lights I think contribute to ADHD for sure.

    Love Anne Crom

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