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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by eccentric-eric, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

    I just read up on artificial sweeteners after seeing a christian dr on TBN on Rod Parsleys's Breakthrough show. He was talking about health issues and how those sweeteners are bad for you and eating too much pork etc.

    I notice since i was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 2001 i started using sweetners and now i notice since then each yr my mental clarity has went down the tubes. combined with CFS and my mild autism, I'm getting more retarded as the yrs go by. now i'm using "Sugar in the raw" now. i see there are many types or brands of "organic sugar" at walmart. is all organic sugar natural raw sugar? what about that one brand that calls all its cane sure pure? is cane sugar the bad stuff?

    back to aspartame which i've used untill the last yr now i use splenda, i notice if i get too much then my stomach feels weird but if i back off a few days then things feel better. i've always thought it was safe since it didn't have warning labels like sweet n low does. now i read splenda is bad too and can stay in your body fats for decades.

    here's the links i read:
  2. Kayleen

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    I was addicted to diet pop and my doctor took me off all artificial sweetners. She said it is horrible for you.
    If I do fall off the wagon and drink at diet pop or two, I do feel worse.
  3. nerdieduckie

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    Since reading about how bad aspartame is on here, I switched to this stuff called Agave nectar (or something like that...). I think it works well, I just haven't fine-tuned how much is required for my tea. I think 15 drops did it...but I like my tea sweet, so really I don't think you have to use too much.

    I've dropped most diet sodas and if I do have soda, I drink a regular SLOWLY. I've noticed the faster I drink something, the worse I have a sugar rush/crash.

    Splenda never did agree with me, so I didn't mind getting rid of that.

    STARSTAR New Member

    Hi e-eric

    STEVIA has been great for me instead of sugar or all the other stuff out there it gave me headaches/stomach has really helped me along this new change of eating sweets.Here is a sight for information on stevia.hope it helps...

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  5. Summit

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    here is an article I read recently that says that aspartame causes fibromyalgia amoung other things. There is alot of debate about the artificial sweeteners and whether they are safe or not. I guess you have to make up your own mind on the issue. But, it certainly couldn't hurt to quit using them, and quit drinking sodas etc. and see if you feel better. I don't use either, so I can't say from any kind of personal experience. here is the link to the article if you'd like to see it. I do warn you it is long, and you should read the whole thing to get both sides of the arguement.
  6. eccentric-eric

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    i got stevia sweetner packets. $6 at local store. blasted their good. just started my first glass of tea with them as i speak. the raw sugar i tried was too large granules and would sink to the bottom but these mix well as intended. although expensive i hope i can afford buying them. before i saved money by grabbing extra equals and splendas from restaraunts so when i go places with only the pink stuff i would have my own. I was so happy splenda is getting so commonplace so i could cut down on sugar but am disappointed that they use fake crap instead of natural remedies like stevia. why don't they just use stevia in diet pops and ice cream etc etc? WE should all ban together and contact all these big names and demand stevia sweetened products. If we could get all these diabetics and natural peoples attetions that would be alot of people but to convice people is another story.

    I was put off by the college age girl that sold me the stevia. when i told her why splend and equal was bad she acting like she was shocked then after i started explaing the health effects she acted like she didn't want to hear anymore and i left feeling like i am a paranoid schizophrenic lunitic. I ought to talk to the owners as i know they are die hard natural remedy people.
  7. sascha

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    by health practitioners. whenever i've had something with aspartame in it, i got immediate diarrhea. splenda i wouldn't touch either, although i don't know much about it.

    one responder recommended stevia, and i do, too. it works fine in drinks and on cereal. it has no aftertaste, and has no ill effects on body.

    my last blood test showed blood sugar to be in normal range.

    anyway, stay off the chemical stuff- Sascha *i also read coconut oil helps regulate blood sugar. i've been on it for some time now and last blood test, my bad cholesterol had gone down. i cook with it and put it in blender drinks. it tastes great and helped me get rid of my constant CFIDS aches.
  8. SleepyMama

    SleepyMama New Member

    I was going to come in here and praise to the glory of Stevia, but it's been mostly covered for instead I will share with you the quick simple recipe for a spevcial treat I make for myself now and then.

    It's super easy! Cut a lemon in half, squeeze half of it into a tall glass, add water, stir in two packets of stevia, add ice.

    Very yummy, like something in between lemonade and gatorade, with no added sodium or sugar.

    My kids are completely fooled into thinking it's a treat right up there with soda!

    Winnipeg, Canada

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