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    Hello!! and thank you for your reply,, i`m getting these feelings very often they are terrible,,and i`m lucky
    that i do have a dr and she`s a rheumy, she`s the one that DX that i had fibro but this feelings are getting worse each day that passes,,i didn`t have this panic attacks but now i do ,,so how long have you had them? do they come and go? i get them even when i`m taking a bath ,,i`ll call out to my husband ,,it`s scary,,,gmom,,,,
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    The panic attacks aren't something I have very often but lately maybe 3x this month. Yes they come and go. I have had panic attack for several years now. They don't come very often but for some reason they are getting worse right now and that scares me. I also have depression but that is probably from the rest. For me the panic attacks are like I am very very afraid and am sure I won't be able to take another breath. The anxiety is just about constantly. I hate this the most because it never goes away. I feel like impending doom all the time. My husband is wonderful and is a great help to me but really we go through this alone.