as a christan how do u feel taking meds

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  1. vnr27

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    i feel guilty taking xanax, i tried a day and got nervous i could not even be calm even to call the blood of jesus i pray the lord can heal my mind any thoughts im a new born again thanks,val i want to do right by god and i want true salvation val
  2. J-in-Ohio

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    I've been a Christian all my life and am very active in my church. I personally don't think taking medicine for your health is going to jepordize salvation in any way. There certainly would be a lot of us left out if it did!

    God Bless.
  3. ValleyGirl89

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    Hi! I am also a newly rededicated and I consider myself still a babe. I too have feelings of guilt for some of the things that I do and afraid of doing anything that will displease God. I take meds too, not many though, but I don't feel guilty for taking them, actually, the thought had never crossed my mind. I don't feel that I am being faithless for taking meds. If you are feeling uncomfortable taking your meds, then you should pray that God will deliver you from them and He will supply an answer according to His will.
  4. vnr27

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    u r right i guess the lord works on us in his own way own time im new and feel guilty a lot thanks guys god bless
  5. bakron

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    I am a 57-year-old Christian nurse with fibromyalgia (and most likely CFS), and I can tell you without any reservation that God has given us very talented medical and mental health people to help with our physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Our Heavenly Father deals with our spiritual ailments. Definitely, there needs to be a balance.

    There is no reason to have question about taking needed medications for your health, be it physical, mental, or emotional. The guilt that you feel isn't from God.

    I will pray that you find resolution to your dilemma. I know that it can be a real concern to many. My son is bi-polar and has wrestled with taking meds as a Christian for nearly 10 years now. I explain to him that sometimes meds are needed that may seem wrong to take because they are for emotional/mental needs; however, a diabetic would die without his/her insulin, and the same thing may apply for many who suffer with emotional needs. Our diseases on these Boards can cause severe emotional and mental problems that certain medications are able to rectify.

    Your concern is not a light one. May God work through your thoughts and prayers, and may He continue to work His great work in your life.

    L, Jeannette
  6. Sunshyne1027

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    I took xanax for some time for emotional problems also, and now looking back it was brought on by not being able to cope well with Chronic Illness and Pain. My life felt shattered at the time. I have my own opinions and everyone theirs.. Thats what makes us all so individual. I don't think it is sinful or against the law of God to take meds that will help you. I think its not a good thing though to take meds just to get the high from it.. Like drug users do. What really matters is what you feel and believe in. I will pray that you can also put the pieces back together. It is so much easier and can be done with God and Our Saviour Jesus holding and guiding you along the way.

    You can really eventually over time come off of these meds. I no longer take anti-depression meds or anxiety ones. I thought at the time they were supposed to be helping because of a chemical inbalance in my brain. Once I went to therapy and dealt with it, talked about it, I got better and came off of them meds. My immediate family also has major mental issues like Schizo, Tourettes, Suicide,Major Clinical Depression, being institutionalized for mental disorders also. I underestand big time if they are needed to control disorders and diseases like this. I felt ashamed for a long time that I came from a family like this.

    Being reborn, its awesome, yes on God is The Greatest Physician. I do not believe I would be where I am at today with my Mental Health if it wasn't for being reborn and having God in my life.

    Praying for you! Love, Sunshyne
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    which the Lord has given to me. He made me. And, in giving me this gift, he wanted me to take care of it. Unfortunately, bodies aren't perfect, and sometimes they fail you. God also gave us gifted physcians who help us to take care of our bodies in this life. If taking care of my body, at this time, means taking medications. Then, that is what I will do.

    I do not believe that our salvation is hurt by the fact that we take meds. I know I am a sinner, and that I am not perfect. The Lord knows this too, and loves us anyway. What a wonderful thing!!

    Please pray that you can come to find peace in your feelings.

  8. jobryli63

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    A few years ago I was on medication for depression.I struggled with the same questions you are asking.Yet I realised could keep resisting it and emotionally I was getting worse
    I even admitted myself to a hospital as by this stage I was suicidal.
    Then my dr was a christian and he talked to me, and said my hubby and sons needed me.I needed to go on meds to stabilise myself and get back.Just like if you are lacking in iron you eat more iron or take a supplement.We don't think twice about taking a panadol for a headache.yet somehow there is a stigma behind taking certain meds.
    Somehow for me this made sense and I did not hestitate to then take medication. I was back to my old self with about 9 months.
    I was not going to allow the enemy to win.I have been there for other women friends of mine when they have been down.If ever the time I am depressed again I will not hesitate to take meds to help me overcome.

    take care Sharon
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  9. danny3861

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    I have also struggled for years with depression, always fought taking them. I was afraid of the stigma it has to many people. And what the Lord would with me not being able to handle life on its terms. But some or many of us need these meds due to chemical imbalances, pain, diseases, etc.
    When I'm off my meds , mind mind goes a million miles a hour, I worry my self crazy, and my meds just makes me feel like normal, Can handle life, be nice to everyone and not moody, and be able to concentrate, now especially since visiting this board regularly, I can have a constant prayer with God, and I feel that its his wish that we all feel our best in this world. We all are here for such a short time, that we have to enjoy every precious moment he gives us.
    I'm sure God approves, as long as we don't abuse drugs.
    In Jesus name, amen.

    That you Lord for every day I am given and the many blessings you have given me.

  10. vnr27

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    i agree with u all i think at this point i need them and when god see fit i wont thank u for all your answers it was bothering me i can funtion and do well on my meds now god willing i wont need them one day thank u all god bless val
  11. Hikagranma

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    I also am an RN [very old one - graduated in 1046 - (OOPS - NOT THAT OLD! but ALMOST: it was 1946) before many of you were born.] I was thinking along the same line as the other nurse - If we have Faith in our Heavenly Father we can know that he leads us to those who can help us.

    By the way, I have been on XANAX for years = and the last several weeks I have good enough to take less each day.

    You must remember never to just stop taking many of the medications - when the time comes that you feel better - be sure to have the doctor how to do it.

    I haven't been around the board for a while - as I was taking a 6 week course - self help for those with FIbro/CFIDS - the coure [on setting realistic goals or targets] is over - so I will be checking in more often.

    I think of you often - but just haven't done much letter writing either.

    You have the Lord in your heart - and He will guide you in all your steps.
    'Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust.' Ps 40:4

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  12. baybe

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    Using drugs for entertainment and at the cost of those you love is a problem that God helps us through, but I never thought of using anything in true medicinal ways as being outside of God's realm.

    One thing I have learned is never question any individuals need for medicine, even if it is something I believed was a drug. Some people are helped greatly by using the proper medications for mental illness.

    I believe if we are being true to self and to God, by checking our motives God will take care of us.

    This is one place where I have to turn myself to God on a Daily basis and let my Trust in God to take over. AA's 3rd Step Prayer works for me on a daily basis and that is all I have. My faith is that God will always lead me to the right path if I just get out of His way.

  13. kredca4

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    When I first started having Health problems, and I had to go on Med.s, I worried about teaching Teens not to do Drug's. While I was on Prescription's, it made me feel like a, You know, can't spell the word now, Hyprocrate(?).

    Anyway I talked it over with my Pastor's, and they said they didn't have a problem with it as long as I was able to Function, and not just taking them to get High.
    I laughed at that one, cause my Med's at the time didn't, I wasn't on anything very strong, then/

    As my Health declined and I needed to go on Stronger one's, I did give up Teaching Teen's, it Broke my Heart, but I knew that I couldn't keep my Mind striaght enough to teach.

    Turns out it wasn't the Med's, it was my un-dx FMS, and the Stress I was under, and everything else that the Enemy was throwing at me.

    I quit taking the Med's, and went back to working with the Teen's. They just Blessed me so much to be around them.
    But then I had 3 Surgery's in 18 month's, and I had to stop teaching altogeather. I knew GOd had Closed that door for me, but he didn't do it because of the Medication I was taking, it was so I wouldn't have so much Stress and Work, that I couldn't handle then.

    I don't feel that we should not take Medicne if we are in need, you know most Med's are made from Plant's, and God made the Plant's, for us to use in many way's.
    God Bless You,