}{as anyone else been told they have somatization disorder

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  1. HoaxedTotem

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    along w/ FMS or
    CF ?
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    I looked this up. Does this mean he is telling you that it is all in your head? That is what I understood it to mean. I would find another Doc! Maybe I misunderstood, but it seemed pretty clear to me. First time I've ever heard of it is reading your post. I'd like to know more. I see a new Doc this Tues and if he even mentions it I want to be ready to bolt!
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    Someone at chat was upset with me because I wanted them to know that doctors that imply this are quite frankly out of their minds. Unfortunately the person thought I was picking on them and told me I just have opinions they don't agree with. Please, do not take this as that.
    Somatization has a definition dx , diagnosis criteria. I cannot put up websites, but if you look up somatization on Google the very first article is about it and FM, CFS and explains exactly why our disease is not somatic, and that implying it is , is a demeaning thing for a physician to do. Please, find this article it will explain it far better than I ever could.
  4. HoaxedTotem

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    It's where you take pain in through your body , and it's VERY REAL !

    I'll give you an example...

    I was thinking about moving a couple mths ago and it was just a few weeks before my kids had to start school .
    The place was being torn about for remodeling , they had stuff in the garage they didn't know when they'd have out , I had to go school supply shopping , get the kids ready fer school , went crazy trying to figure out how I can get all packed and moved within 3 wks , hadn't givin the landlord proper notice , my mom was leaning on me to do it , and all together I just felt like all this crap was beating me to death ! I finally had to just say no to it , then spent the next few days in bed unable to do nothing but be in pain !

    That on top of FMS .... It'll drive you plum NUTS !

    I couldn't begin to tell you how painful it was . It just sorta felt like I had been hit by a truck and left on the side of the rode , only no one could see the damage it caused so they're all like...you look perfectly fine to me !
    << sniffle >>
  5. Shirl

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    I would call that STRESS! Which will bring on a Flare big time. Its sure not in your 'head' but your body that is reacting to the stress.

    This reply is in reference to your second post.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. kalina

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    I have no doubt that this condition exists. I don't think it's very common, but I'm sure it's out there.

    The problem, as so many of us have experienced, is that too many doctors who are ignorant or skeptical of our illness are quick to label our symptoms as "all in our heads" WHEN FEW OR NO EXCLUSIONARY TESTS HAVE BEEN RUN! In order to be diagnosed with somatization, it must be proven that a patient has no medical explanation for a certain number of specified symptoms. Doctors need to do their homework before diagnosing anybody with somatization.

    Although I was never given any diagnosis of somatiation disorder specifically, I WAS told by several doctors I saw early on that I was "depressed" after each ran a single basic blood test that came back normal, and another doctor "diagnosed" me with an "anxiety disorder" without any testing whatsoever. Grrrrr...

    I now have plenty of test results I would love to show them.

  7. HoaxedTotem

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    Sometimes it's related to how someone treats you . In stead of just brushing off something hurtful said to you , it kinda sticks to ya , and you hold onto it inside where it festers and it just clings on , only u take it in as real pain on a deep emotional level , whereas it developes into bodily pain .

    I know it's strange , but it can really tear you apart at times .
  8. Dara

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    "The claimant's past work is as a secretary & bookkeeper. In 1999 she began suffering from chronic pain and fatigue and was eventually referred to Dr. R.B, at OHSU who diagnosed FM. She also suffers from mild carpal tunnel syndrome and had a several month bout of intermittent vertigo which as resolved. The claimant's symptoms including poor non-restorative sleep, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue and IBS meet the American College of Rheumatology criterion for FM although several treating sources have noted a strong psychological overlay to her presentation. While the claimant may, instead, suffer from a somatoform disorder instead of FM, the evidence is sufficient to find claimant disabled from FM without further delay. Based upon all of the medical evidence, it appears clear that claimant cannot sustain a 40 hour work week at any occupation and is therefore disabled."

    While I do not agree with his claim of somatoform disorder, I wasn't about to argue the point. I had many tests done that proved that I had sleep disorder, low growth hormone, bulding disc, arthritis, carpul tunnel, ulnar nerve entrapment, and many more - I figure some jack**s doctor put this in his report so it will probably follow me forever now.

  9. HoaxedTotem

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    not a regular Dr . You may need to see one to see if it needs changing in your records .
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  10. Dara

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    I'm going to call the one mental therapist I saw and ask for copies of my records. So, if I don't agree with her diagnosis, if it came from her, can I ask that it be removed from my records?

  11. HoaxedTotem

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    But they should give you some logical proof that it is what you have . You'll know fer sure just through discussions w/ them becuz you'll know if you relate to it .
    They don't really do anything so much for treatment as they just consider it a personality disorder .
  12. Dara

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    that this is all in my head. I've got copies of all of my medical records and not once had I ever saw somatization disorder mentioned. The only time I saw it was in the award letter from the ALJ.