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    I pray I won't end up a grouchy old lady,
    Recounting each ache and each pain
    In intricate detail to all who will listen,
    While hoping some pity to gain.

    I pray I'll stay kind, and be helpful to others,
    While striving to put their needs first;
    And that I will share the sweet story of Jesus
    With all who now hunger and thirst.

    I pray that as years take their measure upon me,
    And I grow more feeble each day,
    I won't be a burden to family and loved ones,
    But will bless those who happen my way.

    I pray I'll not lose my keen sense of adventure,
    The wonder each dawning will bring.
    But that I'll find something in each day to treasure,
    A joy that can make my heart sing.

    I pray I'll stay focused on things pure and lovely,
    Instead of the dark side of life.
    And that I'll be filled with the fruit of the Spirit,
    The answer to heartache and strife.

    I pray that my world will be just a bit better
    Because of the life that I live.
    Then, I'll be content when God calls me to Glory,
    To know I gave all I could give.

    © by Betty Jo Mings