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    I have been reading some of the posts tonight. And I have found out that we all are so different. WE may have the same disorder fibro for me. But how we react to it , is different for each of us.

    I started out as a young kid with bad leg aches and was given vitiamn C and asprin for it. Don't really think it helped much as I still have them.

    I have been reading about what causes fibro and there are so many diffent things that people say caused it. I don't have a clue as to why I have this dd but I do so I try to live with it.

    I have my good days and my bad days and days where I want to sleep all day. After I fell a nd shattered my left wirst I was told that I could not work anymore and that made me feel so bad. What was I going to do with my time. I found things to do but it seems that I tend to over do it. My brain is still the same and it thinks that I can still do everything I once did and my body disagress's with it. And most of the time my body wins and I am down for the count and not doing anything but resting.

    I do get so sick and tired of this never ending pain in my life. I wonder what it is like to not have this 24/7, what would a day be like with out it? I don't remember what that feels like anymore. My wrist has started to ache more and more this year. It feels like someone has some sharp thing and is stabbing me or I have been shocked with electricty. Since I hvae a plate adn screws in it I some times wonder if they have slipped as it hurts to bend the wrist but I know that is not the case as I have arthritis in it now. Just one more thing to add to the pain .

    One question I have though,Iwhen I am hurting { when am I not?} is it because I have a low pain threshold or is it becuase the pain is getting worse for me? I feel like such a baby when it come to pain. My wirst hurts, when I type or try to lift things, my back aches all the time and it wakes me up in the middle of the night and when I get out of bed it feels like I am walking on broken glass. I don't like long car rides as my body siffens up and I can't straighten up like I should and I don't walk as well either. SO Ok I am 50 now and have fallen apart but that happened before I turned the big 50. So being "OLD" is not the why I hurt more and more.

    I have had so many days where I wonder why is this happening to me? Why do I have to have this pain in my life and have it take over.? I want to know just how many of you ever feel like this, do you ever wonder if someone really gets it that your in extreme pain? I sometimes don't think that anyone knows how bad this pain can get and it is not all from the fibro, I also have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, bulding dics L4-L5, L5- S1, arthritis in both knees and left wrist, broken tail bone that never healed right, chronicmeyofacial pain syndrome, fibro, achey joints and muscles.

    What I really need is a body shop. You know the kind where you can just jack up my glasses and get a new body? Right? How I wish that were so easy, Hey I just need a new body and you go sit in a machine and poof you have one that does not hurt. OK I read to much fiction and paranormal ,futuristic books, they have so many things that are not real that take pain away and I would like to have them. Too bad it is all in a book and not real. But I know that there is not such a thing but sometimes it sure would be nice.

    See I still have a scense of humor. I may hurt but at least I can laugh about it sometimes. Life may be pain full but it is not everything in my life. I am still happy to be here alive and watching my grandchildren growup . I only feel old when I try to pick up my grandson who is a chubby baby and weighs 24 lbs. HE will be 1 on the 24th of this month my how time flys.

    I talked to my daughter today and the baby fell agaisnt the coffee table and chipped his front left tooth and he will have to see the dentist for it, and having been a dental assistant that will not be easy for the dentist to look at. But the baby is not hurting from the chip so I don't think it is as bad as his daddy thinks it is. But it is a good thing to get it checked out.

    Thanks for letting me whine about this achey breaky pain I have. I need to go to bed now or take some meds for the pain in my wrist and arms. So off I go and thanks for being here for me to chat with.

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    Ditto on the above, I will be 53 shortly and we could be twins. Most of my aches now are from past farming adventures, but when the arthritis is bad it send the fibro off. A hot bath with soothing salts helps, though my audience (a little jack russell) thinks I look like a white whale flopping around trying to get in and out without getting hurt! He is my best buddy, insisting that we go for our walks, which are short but many during the day. I really think he has kept me mobile. And the medicines seem to dehydrate even the discs that are bulging and they hurt more, so drinking ane peeing are what I do, all day, tapering for evening. I moved from Vermont to South Carolina to keep my walking surfaces safer from falls which I was prone to up there. I'd love to talk to you more, I have been looking for a friend close to my age. Seems they are not here. I am still trying to work, doing medical transcription, which I love, but have fallen asleep at the computer before, so my days of typing are numbered.

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