AS I sit here waiting for my meds to KICK in my feet

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 3, 2006.

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    What is going on with my feet? Walking hurts me, and as I laid on the couch my feet were hurting so much that just touching was making me hurt worse. I keep having to keep my feet moving and trying to rub ouuut the sore spots to ease this nasty pain.

    I know that I am NOT normal but this is silly that my feet hurt so much, they feel hot , cold , burning, stinging, stabbing, stiff, achey, Like I am walking on HOT broken glass. I have had legs which have ached today, I over did it as I p layed with my 14 month old grandson and picked him up *** How do I refuse when he runs in to me and come up and puts his arms up and say gam up and I just have to pick him up and he will lay his head on my shoulder and pat my back as if to comfort me.

    I have done too much to day and now I am paying for it. My bback is aching and hurting so sply that I want to cry. I have the worst leg aches and my feet are hurting so much. It is never just one thing it is always more.

    MY feet want to be moving and to touch each other and they will wind aaround each other adn touch each other to get the spots ahtat are so tender and sore. I feel this pain in my feet and it reaches clear to the bones of my feet ,.on the balls of the feet adn in the smal arch of my feet , and sometimes in the heel too. I have tried to roll a cold can on them and it onlu make them hut worse. What have i done wrong this time?

    Yes I know that by getting on the floor adn playing with my grandson and then having to get on my kneesssss and crawl to the couch to hold on to something to help me pull my self up. Right now y knees feel stiff adn are really apinfull . //They feel like there is something that has reached in to the knee caps and is pushing them off and then finding the sorest spot and stabbing it hard.

    Am I just a boob about this? Or do other s fee like I do?
    OH how I would like to be able to do the things I once did and not cause myself PAIN, I never thoght that just standing could cause mme pain and then trying to walk after standing just for a few moments Hurt and are stiff and don't work right.

    I played with the baby and watched him andloved him and got kisses I thingk if was bribriey to let me take him out side didnot work.

    But as I sit here my kneess , legs, calves, andhips hurt so much and the are buringing me and stabbing me so much.
    What is going on with me? Am I abnormal?
    Is it normal for me to have my feet ache so deeply that they burn and hurt being lightly touched, I ahve leg ache adn back ache adn I am one BIG ache tonight. I some time wonnder what " NOrmal really was" as I don't remember what it was or hhow I felf?

    I am just not me any more. I harte having legss taht ache just walking on the make them throb and ache so deeply that no hot wather can reach them, but nothign really work s to ease this pain.
    Yes I know that I am strange, weird, & usuuusal. I am different, iif there is a reactionthat is usuuasal and no one else will have evr heard of it I will have it. NO questions asked. IF ther is some thing that is " a RARE reaction" I will get it and get it big time.

    AS I move and reach my back is causing me more pain than normal. I just want to have something that does not make me hurt more. How silly I am thinking that I will be normaL .

    My body hurts so much and I really want jut once to be normalagain, and not live in pain
    ]Bodies are so fiddernt just as this disease, as each of us are unique so are the reactions that we have with this.
    I just wish that I oculd be nroaml oonce more. I am learning that as we go through this time of our life with fibro no two reactions are t he same, oooooooour bodiw don't know how to wrok right so they ssned us pain signals that don't seem to work right , They are shourted out and the message don't ever get to the right place.

    WE fight it by trying medications and they don't responnd to the pain meds that we atke, unless we have been " Corocked to sleep with a large rock, While we want to be the smae and to have our bodies work like they shouuld they don't and nevere=will.

    How I want my body of old the one that didn't wake me up in the miiddle of the night and hurt so much that I am in tears. I wangt the old me beck and she is gone o. I am not that perosn I once was and I haev grown up and I have tried to accept the disabilities that I have to unique.

    I am not the same I am now, And as much as i waaaant to be the old . I guess that I will have to learn to accept my disabiliiiiities adn learn to live, So as I go to bed with my legs aching and maybe one day I wil leafrn to accept the pain that i have and onnnne day know that I am like htis now and I wil accept it as I hsould and not whine aboug the pain I have.
    I am going to go to bed now and try to sleep
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    Read the post down the page on painful feet. Good luck!
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    Ah yes, the feet. I sit here now because of my feet. Just over a year and a half ago my feet started hurting, slow and sure. I don't abuse my feet, I wore high heels maybe once a year. I wore Naturalizers, clarks, etc. I do have the plantar fascia they tell me. So off I went in search of insoles from over the counter Doc sCholls, to triads, to Spenco to Good Feet and today to the foot guy again to take him up on cortisone shots to both my heels, which only accentuated the pain in the pads of my feet (yes it feels like you are walking on rocks) and the space between the heel and pads. So much so that I signed up for the custom orthotics that insurance does not pay for since I don't have diabetes or arthritus...250.00 and I have no idea if they will work..Meanwhile 60 pair of shoes to the second hand store (never worn as I liked to get those Naturalizers etc. on sale and never had a problem just getting my 7 1/2 m's before) Now I get Wides, and I get them stretched. I read on a post about New Balance walkers, which I will try. I only know that over the counters insoles did not work on my right foot, never felt right. I have a foot bath with jets my wonderful husband bought me as he had neuropathy with his diabetes - I have the stinging, burning, numbness, like glass etc. I have heat and cold. I was told to roll my feet on a bottle that has frozen water in it. Check out diabetes, it doesn't always have to be fibro.

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