As of 4:16 pm...I'm a GRANDMA..

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SerenityPheonix, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. SerenityPheonix

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    I am being unjustly denied getting to know my own biological baby granddaughter who is now 3 or 4 months old(I'm not even sure), due to the mom's own immaturity.

    But I have been given third grandma position in my neighbors life. Well she went into labor late last night and we just came from the hospital where she gave birth to my psuedo grandson at 4:16 P.M. today. He weiged in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and is 19 inches long. Space in delivery was limited so the biological grandma was the only other person during delivery, but I was still there every step of the way. I feel just as much like the actual grandma as the grandma herself.

    I just had to share cause I am just tickled pink.
  2. EttaUK

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    19 inches - that is so cute!

  3. stick2013

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    I am so happy that you are allowed to have this event in your life.. Your real grandchild or not it must feel terrific. Just think of all the love and gifts that you can give this child....

    My daughter stopped me from seeing my grandchildren 6 yrs ago, so I know the hurt and pain..

    Good luck with everything....
  4. monica33flowers

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    I'm so happy your neighbor has chosen you to be part of her babies life whether or not it is biological is no big deal.

    My sons father took off before he was born and my SO of 8 years loves my son as his own. As does my son love him. All that biological stuff doesn't matter.

    Plus, just think how nice and close you will be since this is your neighbor. You can help mom out anytime.