Asa...a hymn. Please?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by fivesue, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. fivesue

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    "Fairest Lord Jesus." I love that song, and it helps me put into perspective all that this world offers.

    Thank you for your giving spirit.

    You said that you had retired from a church? What was your position? Do you miss it now?

    Thanks again, and hope your weekend is "Fair."

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    It is 9:45 Saturday night, my husband is sleeping so I won't play the piano right now. But tomorrow I will play "Fairest Lord Jesus" for you.

    There are so many special hymns that come to mind this Holy Week. One I never get through without tears is: "Were you There?"

    I worked for various churches since I graduated from college. This year is my 40th college re union. I was either choir director or organist, or both.

    The organ is the King of instruments, and yes I do miss playing it. I loved it, especially the times I would be alone in the sanctuary filling it with sound. A very powerful feeling, but one I always played with reverance for the particular piece of music.

    I found my body didn't like an ice cold sanctuary on a Sunday morning, or the hour long rehearsals during the week. My back would be screaming, fms flaring. Many weeks I simply looked to the Lord and said : God this is your gig, find a way to get me there. Some weeks I could barely walk, other weeks my ulcer was making me nauseas and other weeks IBS made it tricky to sit for so long. The last job I did 14 years, and missed only 2 Sundays due to illness. I used to joke and say that God led some people, but me..... he always booted the seat of my pants and got me where I needed to be. Funerals were the worst. Hard to concentrate and perform with tears.

    There were also other extenuating circumstances, the new choir director wanted me 1.5 hours for rehearsal, he was a nut case, and I quit because of him. The woman pastor never even phoned me. Not the Christian thing to do. So, I have not been to a church at all in 1.5 years.

    It nearly put me over the edge emotionally, and it meant the end of my career, doing what I was trained to do and loved.

    But, as always God knows best. It took me a long time to realize that.

    I now have a different relationship to God. No middle man. I find I spend far more time in prayer, and I am able to concentrate. When you are the organist or choir director you have a professional demeanor, must concentrate on what comes next, what stops to pull, etc. No distractions now.

    Thanks for asking Sue.
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    I understand Christians and their lack of compassion or care once someone is out of sight. I'm sorry it is this way, and my husband and I have suffered from this mentality, also. We have been faithful church members our entire adult lives, and now, we don't have a church home. It is sad. There is a church we attend occasionally....we are looking forward to moving in a couple years and starting over again in a new place.

    I am truly sorry for your treatment. What I have learned is that when I look at people or trust them to be a certain way, I get hurt. Truly my eyes have to be on Jesus who never fails us, who is always the same. Thankfully, the Bible is available, and God is near.

    It has been nice knowing you a bit better. May God bless you for your giving spirit.

  4. Asatrump

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    Reading your reply felt as if I wrote it myself. I have spent a lifetime in churchs, three to be exact. And all three broke my heart. I see you have learned also.

    That is why now, at this point in my life, I am not searching for a church or a building or a pastor. No more intermediaries, now I go directly to God.

    Sue: prayers and blessings for you and yours this Holy Week.