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    Sometimes when I think of people it is like I see a picture. I was just reading your post to tigress. The picture is like you are a mother hen bringing the little chicks under your wings and just holding them, loving them, and protecting them. You have such a neat gift of "mothering" something some of us have never had. God Bless you.
  2. dejovu

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    The beauty of a loving mother, nothing can compare.
  3. Asatrump

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    Thanks, your message was very special to me. Very.
    My own mother was emotionally abusive, we have had no contact 13 years, she is 84. Mother love is supposed to be a basic animal instinct, mother love is not supposed to come with strings attached.

    I loved your reference to motherhen. My dear grandmother used to tell me that every mother loves their own, even if they have only one feather in their tail. Grandma was a huge + sign. My mother obviously lacked the skills needed.

    I have worked really hard to break the cycle of abuse. I have two adult children, and yes, I still cluck like a mother hen around them both.

    I want to "fix" things, people, situations. I want to make chicken soup and hot tea, hugs and give promises all will be well.

    I give freely what I can to others, and wish I could do so much more. My eyes have been very opened on this worship board to what real suffering is.

    I was glad to see nobody chastised me for my bit of insanity last week, with fat lady streaking to hot tub in icy garage. ok, insert the smile!

    Humor, prayers, and friends to listen. Listening is the ultimate gift from one human to another. We can not solve other people's problems, we can't even solve our own. But by listening, we extend not only our ears but our hearts.

    tee hee.... one last cluck, cluck from motherhen

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