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  1. caffey

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Which birthday are celebrating? or which anniversary of it? Wishing you all the best and may your heart's desire come true this year. You are such a blessing to me. This is great celebrating 2 birthdays in one week. I am going to be on such a sugar You had better get the house cleaned up we will all be there shortly. lol.
  2. Asatrump

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    Don't know how many candles Nancy needs, but throw in my 63 and we could have a serious cake fire! Keep the fire extinguisher handy. Birthday this month and June 4 is my 41 anniversary. Funny though, we got married and I had turned 22 the month before and my husband turned 22 a couple weeks after. He always says he married a younger woman.

    Actually I have given my birthday to my grand daughter whose birthday comes just before Christmas. I told her mine was at a better time of year and she agreed she would love the extra one. lol so I can stop counting.
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  3. 143alan

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    109 candles would start a BIG fire...better have the fire department on standby!!


    Love Ya
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    I hope that it is a happy one. You are truly a gift to us on this board and I for one am glad for May 1, 19**!! We won't tell. I'm glad somebody on here is older than me. :)

    Love, Pepper
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    Hey can we all come up and have a party in your hot tub. I am not sure if we can wear the same attire that you do when you are in it. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, that many candles on the cake would probably set the smoke alarm off so maybe we better pass on that idea.

    I hope you have a fun day of doing whatever you darn well please. And..............just what would that be pray tell?

  6. fromnz

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    Hi Asatrump,
    I hope you have a lovely birthday. Best wishes from NZ!
    I will be in touch soon.
    Love Linda.
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    bump for Asa
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