Ashes made into rememberance jewelry

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    Everyone grieves in their own way. For some they want part of the loved ones ashes (be it a loved human or a loved pet) to be part of jewelry that they wear with them to have the loved one near them always.

    There are a few ways to do this and price is a major consideration.

    ---Harriet Carter catalog now has a Memorial Ashes Locket for $19.98 (plus taxes/shipping) that holds a small vile of your loved ones ashes. The front of the heart shaped locket says "Always in my Heart." It it something to think about if you are considering jewelry and money is an issue. If you want to look at the locket, see the vile and see how the vile fits in the locket and get more information, the site is below. I have found Harriet Carter to be reliable and easy to return items if they are not what you want.

    ---Another suggestion is there are many places that create diamonds out of some of the hair/ashes of your loved one (human/pet) and can make various types of rings, pendents, etc from that. Jewelry of this type is more pricey and can run in the hundreds of dollars. I would strongly suggest checking any place with the Better Business Bureau before you consider doing business with them to find out how long they have been in business, the complaints they have had, what the complaints pertain to (did they lose hair/ashes which is serious, or did they take longer to provide the jewelry) and were the complaints resolved to the satisifaction of the clients. Below is a link of just one of those places as a way to show you the jewelry available and I am in not way recommending this place, just giving you an idea of what jewelry is out there.

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