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    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone lives in these areas and can recommend a doctor for fibro. I am moving to Ashland or Medford soon. Today I am driving to the area to look for a home. I have actually been on the road from my home in Los Angeles for a few days. When I travel I must go slow so I have been staying two days at every hotel.

    I am in Redding CA now and will leave here today for Oregon.

    Thanks for your feedback. (also if anyone lives in these areas can you tell me how you like it).
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    I leave east of these towns. I have never seen either of the dr.'s below. I think the male dr. is the one that insists that his patients exercise. I read that in a post awhile back.

    If you see either dr. please post your thoughts.

    And welcome to the beautiful state of Oregon. Contrary to popular belief it does not rain here all the time. The rain is in the northwestern parts of Oregon, actually only a small fraction of Oregon gets all that greening rain. Ashland and Medford get really hot in the summer (Ashland is about 10 degrees cooler than Medford) and can be humid. You will love not paying sales tax. Hope you like it here.

    Ashland, OR
    Dr. Robin Rose
    2300 Siskiyou Blvd.
    Ashland, OR 97520
    Tel: (541) 488-2400 Fax: (541) 552-0820
    E-Mail: dMedford, OR
    David Dryland, M.D.
    1365 Poplar Drive
    Medford, OR 97504
    Tel: 888-SHINE-ON
    ("He is a rheumatologist. Has two books out, he was right on for me, when all else and others failed. He has suffered from fibro himself.")
    ("Family practice, and she is a good fibro doc.")

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    Hi PVLady,

    Welcome to Oregon! I have lived in Ashland for the past 12 years and I love this area. There is a big difference between Ashland and Medford, even though they are only about 10 miles apart.

    Ashland is a very progressive kind of community of about 20,000. It has a small town feel, but also a lot of amenities. It is more expensive than Medford as it is somewhat a retirement place of choice for Bay Area residents. They consider it kind of a small version of the Bay Area.

    My partner has gone to Robin Rose in the past, but I think she doesn't have a practice here anymore. I have gone to an ND by the name of James Said, based in Medford. He is a chiropractor and cranial therapist as well.

    I have kind of given up on doctors, and kind of given up on finding the energy to find a good doctor. It all just seems to complicated for my abilities at this time, although I'm looking for a good time to start working with Dr. Said on my Lyme issues.

    There's a nice energy in Ashland. Seems many people here are into a wide variety of spiritual and self-improvement practices. Also, the weather is great. Very low humidity compared to the midwest where I come from. Very long beautiful falls, relatively sort mild winters, long comfortable springs, and moderately warm to hot during the summer.

    I hope we can connect sometime if you do settle in this area.

    Regards, Wayne

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