ashtok's amygdala anyone tried it??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tamsyn, May 29, 2008.

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    Has anyone bought, used, or tried the program about retraining your amygdala to recover from CFS?? I can see how it mgiht help somewhat, yet tere are so many 'break through' ideas and 'cures' that I am skeptical about spending too much money on new things. You can view this new theory at ashtok's amygdala site. It could be great but it could just be a rhash of meditation and yoga stuff. And I wonder how it varies from neurofeedback (anyone tried that either??) Thanks!
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    Hi Tamsyn,
    Ive been on the Ashoks training for over 6 months now. Ive been bed ridden and housebound most of the time since contracting cfs.. Being on his program I have noticed marked improvements. Although Im not out of the woods yet. I still have a long way to go. It takes persistence and patience,but I feel in time it will help .[ I probably haven't been as diligent as i should have been] I think his theory is pretty sound ????[ it has been published],based on some recent work done by a Joseph Ledoux, all to do with the Brain.Cort Johnson is using it [from phoenix rising website] and is writing a progressive blog about it.Ashok has had cfs himself..... ? Good luck
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    I've not changed much of anything else except added a glutathion MLM (multiple level marketing) supplement and Ashok's program. I am feeling better, stronger, sleeping better, less brain frog, less twitching. less eye pain. Lossed vision has not improved yet. Oh yes, and one bizarre thing- I had this little pimple like raised bump on one the soft skin areas under one of my eyes for at least two years. It has disappeared and my skin/face has been extremely clear/no breakouts!. I have had to travel quite a bit for work the past month and faired well. I even had some dental work done (starting to remove amalgams.. started with easy tooth) and even faired well through that. I don't think it is the supplements , but continuing them as well. I think it is making difference. I'm not out of the woods yet, but happy with the improvement thus far. I work full time(from home mostly) so it is difficult for me to do as much and as many exercises as I am supposed to be doing and also I do have stress since I am working full time/professional computer sales career... but I do feel calmer, more centered even with work stress since starting the program. Not sold yet, but positive so far on results and I think his theories describe me exactly. It's like he's in my head! He definitely understands what is in the heads of CFS/FMS patients! The program is good quality and worth it for the meditation training alone in my opinion. I'll report in /in a couple of months.
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    Here's a log someone kept:
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