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    What questions would you like to ask an FM and/or MECFS doctor? Submit your questions as posts and we will be selecting and sending them on to our network of Doctors to answer in our 'Ask the Doctor' series.
  2. joanierav

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    i recently saw a doctor on channel 2 (cbs) talk about transcranial magnet stimulation , now being used successfully for fibromyalgia. what do you think about this? joanierav
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    Ok the last year I have developed a serious issue with my hands. A puffy to swelling feeling. That causes servers burning feeling inside my hands more feeling in thumbs and 2 fingers (pointing and finger flipping) with a lighter feeling in the remaining fingers in the half palm switching hands to about the wrist. What is this?
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  4. TigerLilea

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    My questions for the doctor are:

    (1) Is it possible that a large dose of penicillin over 10 days destroyed my gut bacteria causing me to get CFS?? I had a cold that would not go away and six months later it was discovered that I had two infected teeth. I did not have CFS until the third day of being on penicillin. One minute I was full of energy, and within a split second I was suddenly overcome with exhaustion, and I have never had any energy again since that moment.

    (2) Would a defect in the gut bacteria cause a form of malnutrition even though I eat a healthy diet?

    (3) Is it possible to correct the gut bacteria when destroyed by antibiotics?

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  5. Marta608

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    How can we intelligently discuss our problems with CFS/ME with a doctor who knows nothing about it and doesn't care to know. She says it's not that she doesn't believe in it, but she "can't fix it". I understand this, but then she prescribed a statin for my somewhat high cholesterol. I also am hypothyroid for which one symptom is high cholesterol! Thank you.
  6. janet f

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    I have had CFS for 26 yrs., recently diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease due to microsomal antibody test results ( rheumatologist). Also had a sleep study done and they claim sleep apnea, not due to actual apnea but due to hyponea. From what I understand that is slow or shallow breathing. I think my thyroid is enlarged ( feels like I have a lump in my throat and difficult to swallow occasionally) but the dr. said they don't treat that type of thyroid disease. I do not have a problem with sleepiness ( fatigue yes, unrefreshed sleep , yes, sleepiness ,no, can't fall asleep easily and then "bing" wake up 3 hrs. later and can't fall back asleep, husband with sleep apnea can fall asleep any time, all the time). so wondering if this thyroid business could be related to the breathing and if that needs to be the treatment rather than a cpap machine. Also recall something about shallow breathing in CFS but do not know if that is true or not. The sleep apnea just doesn't really sound like it fits my problem from my albeit limited mostly anecdotal understanding of sleep apnea. Thank you for your opinion. just would like to know if I should push harder for some kind of thyroid treatment via endocrinologist.
  7. bct

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    I am a 68 yr old male with progressive CFS since '94. I am now hypogonadal, have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (dx'd 2001, indolent, no treatment, Rai scale 0). Plus I have complete blockage of one carotid artery.

    My question : After the slightest exertion I have hyperydrosis on face and head with concommitant temp rise to 99.6 from my very normal 98.6 degrees. I am dripping sweat right now. WHY!

    Any thoughts?

  8. mrs. Bernard

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    I have pains on both sides of my groin and i believe there's a lump on both sides which is painful i havet gone to the doctor mainly cause i went some months ago and i found out i had a cyst now this i really don't know if i want to go what is the reason for this pain?
  9. kingiscoming

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    I need help with sinus infections. I have fibro, neck disk injuries, gastro, carpal tunnel, thyroid, and heart valve. I developed allergies about 15 years ago and about 8 years ago I started having sinus infections yearly. Every year I would get antibiotics and it would go away. However, a change in insurance caused a new Doctor to refuse antibiotics. What happened was my gums got infected and inflammed and receding (both dentist and periodontus say it is not dental but underlying medical - i.e. sinus infection/fibro related) and ears are infected and know I have loss of hearing. Anyways, allergist says that I have allergies but sinus drip/congestion won't go away due to infection, Allergist said to do a culture for fungus or ? All ENT, Rheum., and regular MD are blaming each other to do culture and MD doesn't even know how to do a culture. How to get help? Mucus is mostly yellow, and occasionally light green. Been in ER 4 times just to get antibiotics to stop the pain and gums swelling and it always stops it, but comes right back. My ears are infected (have previous scarring), gums inflamed, face hurts and now throat swollen and my liver enzymes are high. I noticed my blood tests for past 10 years the liver enyzmes are up and down and noticed they are down when I was on antibiotics and believe there is a connection. They want to test for hepatitis which I don't believe I have. Who should do this, and test for what and what herbal remedies would help! I have noticed that Solaray ImmuBoost immediately opens my nose and I can breath for a little awhile. It has echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, licorce, vervain, butternut, and kelp. Olive leaf doesn't seem to help.
  10. jamieharris

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    I got balloon sinuplasty done by my ear, nose and throat doctor in Houston and it's all so much better now. The feeling of the stuffy nose and being unable to breath was just horrible. My friend uses spring pollen and I gave it a try from her but didn't work. But you can try that. If none of the natural things work you might want to go ask your sinus doctor. Also try warm compresses for sure, not cold.
  11. bct

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    When is the doctor going to answer?
  12. TigerLilea

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    I was wondering the same thing, Barry!
  13. joanierav

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    yes, so was i . especially since i was the first question!!!

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    Thank you everyone who has submitted a question. We are compiling a list of questions to send to CFS & FM doctors for a new feature on our site called "Ask the Doctor". We hope to have this section available in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. We will try to get as many questions answered as possible, but may not be able to get each one answered, depending on how many are asked.
  15. judyt

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    Needing a little help my doctor has had me on pandadene forte for years 8 per day, wondering if there is something better to be on that won't damage me as much ? I have lyrica & pristique as well but also have a lot of inflammatory pain
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    @bct - In case you didn't see it, Barry, the doctor replied to your question. Click onto "ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" at the top of the page and it will take you to the home page and then scroll down for the "Ask the Doctor" section. :)
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    Thanks Tiger! Yeah I saw the reply. Am Pondering...... Thanks for the heads-up!

  18. minheepark

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    About 3 weeks ago I have experienced a chest pain when I was sitting in my class listening to lectures. My lecturer asked me to go for an ECG thus I went. The result turns to be normal and I thought there were nothing to worry about. But today I have experienced a chest pain after mopping the floor. I went to sleep in thoughts that the pain will go away. But after I wake up, the pain is quite severe and I can't really take a deep breathe.
  19. bct

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    Is facial and cranial sweating with a temperature that rises to about 99.4-6 degrees, compared to my very normal 98.6 a possible symptom of CFS (which I do have)? The slightest bit of exercise brings this on, and is only remedied by total quietness. I also have hypogonadism, but use no testosterone supplement any more.

    I am mainly here interested in fevers in CFS......ANY comments will be welcome Doctor.

    Thank You,
  20. joanierav

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    barry, i am so glad you asked this question. i also get the low grade fevers. they knock me for a loop when i get them. i am good for nothing. i feel sick as a dog , like the worst relapse. i immediately have to stop what i am doing and hit the bed with tylenol and ibuprofen. thankfully they only last for 24 hrs. sometimes they go away for months. i suspect, that is when i am in one of my halfway "good" times.

    please let me know if the doc answers you. i have a hard time navigating the docs answers.

    thanks so much, joanie