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  1. myalgiamania

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    along with my worries about my husband Dans court date on monday, i had to ask the church for help with our rent payment.

    he doesn't know because he has enough on his mind right now. we are so in debt because of me and i feel like such a burdon right now. i wish i could work, but my doctor told me that knowone would hire me with the severity of my FM.

    i am so close to getting on disability, if the judge has a heart. we are writing a dire needs letter to the court, and my church is also.

    they didn't have it in their budget this week to help, but they said maybe next week. i am afraid of being homeless with my two teenage sons.

    well i will leave it in Gods hands. i wrote my landlord a letter, hope he finds it in his heart to be patient.

    God Bless you all. love joanie
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  2. myalgiamania

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    Joanie, you have put your trust in the Lord and he WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL. It has to be terrifing to go through what you are right now, but stay strong in the fact that He is with you and will take care of this situation.

    I am praying and will continue. Blessings De
  4. sixtyslady

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    I"ll pray for you. do you have supervisior in your area.
    in each county , sometimes they will help with rent and food. just a thought.
    but know that God is with you and he will provide.
    blessing sixtyslady
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    Will pray that God makes a path and away for you and your family.

    In His loving care
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    I am so sorry to hear of additional problems, you must feel heavy burdened. My prayers are continuing.

    I am wondering perhaps you should post this on the regular forum, maybe there are people more knowledgable regarding "the system" and also your housing problems.

    Keep posting here. We care and we hold out our hands and heart in hopes things get better for you.
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    I will post on the regular chat line. good idea. also to sixtylady...what do you mean by talking to a you mean for disability?

    i have to tell you all something...i was advised by my lawyer to call my congressman and i did. i talked to her secretary and she wanted to know the whole story. i talked for about 20 minutes and she is now sending me a form to fill out. evidentally they can intercede on my behalf to the judge in getting my benefits approved.

    i hope it works...i know your prayers are working cause it made me feel much better after talking to her.

  8. kgangel

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    May God Be with you joanie

    I am praying for you , your family and your financial situation. I know good things are coming your way and that God is holding you in his arms through all of this

    God Bless you

  9. myalgiamania

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    I just wanted to thank you for your prayers. if collections are good at church this sunday, i will be able to get some help. i'll know by tuesday. i pray they can help me...anything would help right now.

    i saw your bio & picture. i just love your dog. i used to have one that looked something like yours. i miss him so much. i now have a japanese chin. she is 5lbs, and so very sweet. her name is susie (actually the lady that had her before me named her "mi su ling")

    well i hope your feeling ok today. may the Lord Jesus keep you in his loving arms today and melt away all of your pain.

    bless you!
  10. myalgiamania

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    I am praying the church can help...they helped with my electric bill once. our family does a lot for the church so i hope they come through.

    i'm a nervous wreck though and can't sleep.

    well i hope to have some good news for you tomorrow.

    thank you all for your prayers....

    Why does disability have to be so hard on us?

    God's Love to you all.
  11. myalgiamania

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    WELL my church couldn't help this week maybe next, but my dear old dad helped with one months rent. i hated to ask but im glad i did. he is struggling too so i felt bad asking.
    see your prayers helped my family.
    Thank You all so much for your kindness and God Bless you.

    hopefully disability will go through soon and mabey the church will be able to help next week.

    i just got off the phone with my dad. i couldn't help crying and trying to tell him how sick i am was so very hard. love you dad!


  12. pepper

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    Praying for you that there is some resolution to your financial situation.

  13. MamaR

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    I will be praying for your situation. I know how scarey it can be to be where you are in finances.

    God bless.....Mari
  14. myalgiamania

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    and of course that includes your prayers for my whole family. we are not giving up. i have a doctors appt on wed so he can give a full report of my condition to my disability lawyer.

    one thing good...i couldn't feel worse. my pain is so bad and he just gave me vicoden 3 days ago. so even though i don't want the pain...i certainly don't want to go to him feeling

    then for sure disability would say no.

    Well again God Bless you all...please pray i get disability.

    thank you all. ((((((((HUGS))))))))
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    i try to take it one week at a time. it's too much pressure sometimes and i'm about to crack. lol

    i have been yelling more than usual. i can't take the pain everyday along with all of this stress.

    well thank you and God Bless.