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    Does anyone know when Frisble Memoorial in Rochester New Hamphire has a meeting on support on fms.I really need a support meeting everthing at home is getting bad real bad I felll like I'm going crazy please help meThank you Brenda
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    Hi there! I am sorry that I am not anywhere near you. Rochester is a pretty big city, right? I'm not sure. Well, anyways, just a couple of ideas for you. You can call your local hospital, check out local website or newspapers. Tyr putting in "support groups Rochester, NH" in a search engine. That should help you get the info you need!

    Also, if you need a friend you can always e-mail me. My e-mail address is in my profile. You can always write a big long post here and just write it all out! Chances are, at least one of us has been through similar situations,and may be able to offer suggestions or advice, or just their prayers! Here is a great place for that!

    Stay strong sweetie. Help is here, you just have to seek it out! Good luck!!


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    Sorry to bother everyone but I did some of my owen reserch I found the information If any one Is interested.It's the Second Sunday every month on the frist floor of the conference room at least that's what it said . They left a number and I'm gonna call to make sure .Because I really need some kind of support . I sure don't get it at home .I fell like I'm going crazy. That number to call was 332-0412. I't kinda late to call tonite. I wish all of you love hugs and happiness and understanding from your family Brenda