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    I will be going to see my FM doctor in a couple weeks. I want to ask him if I can try Ritalin for my fatigue, but I am afraid to ask.....also I need something for pain. He prescribes Ultram, but it does nothing. He has gone as far as to prescribe Darvocet when I told him I need something stronger. But thats like taking 2 sugar pills instead of one!

    I will be taking a vacation with my family later this month. Vacations dont agree with me. I am so tired I cant do anything and have so much pain from traveling and anxiety.

    I know some people dont agree on taking something like Ritalin for the fatigue. But I need something.....

    Any suggestions on how to ask my Dr. about these things?
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    I have the same problems with my doc too. It took him so long like around three years to prescribe something stronger. I started out on tylenol 3's-then to tylenol 4's. I tried Ultram also, and it worked for a time. But then eventually it just didn't last as long, and finally he prescribed vicodens, the lower dose though. I have taken the higher dose of vicodens, my husbands prescription..They work a little. I have also tried Percocets.. another ones prescription also.. The percocets hype my up, and take the pain away and I can smile and function while taking them. I cannot get the doctor to prescribe them for me though.. he just won't.. His excuse it that its addictive.

    I sometimes feel like a real addict, though I am not, having to take others scripts for pain, because my doc won't prescribe them to me.

    I am now without medical insurance. I am going to a appointment at a free health clinic, through my city where I live in Ohio. From what I been told, I will most likely be referred out, (at a lower cost thank god) to a pain management clinic. I hope like heck that they will be understanding, and help with the pain.

    I wish I would've done something about this issue.. Not getting prescribed pain meds, because of a doctors poor excuses, non-understanding. I wish I would've when I did have the insurance.. to get the referral out to a pain management clinic, it would've I believe saved me alot of grief, and had pain relief earlier, and prevented me from having to take others pain meds.. for pain. I wish I would've just went to another doctor. I was uninformed at thet time also, I made poor choices too.

    I suggest go to another doctor who is more understanding, and who will refer you out to a pain management clinic. Do it now, don't wait and wait, hopeing he will become more understanding, go to someone who is. I know, its hard to find one who is, but they are out there.

    I went on a weekend camping trip with friends and my childen. It was very trying to say the least. We slept in tents on air mattresses. Then I got sunburned while at the beach. LOL.. It was very funny looking to see me trying to lift myself off the mattress in the tent, with the sunburn. Then it felt like my joints locked up overnight. hehehe..Then I also went on a hike, it was breathtaking the scenery. My back and hips started hurting like crazy. My kids found me a nice sized tree branch to use for a cane. It was so fun. I just stopped to take breaks and just beared with it, and it was so worth it. I was apprehensive on going on the trip too, because of my limiations. I found that I pushed past the limiatations, and I was able to do more than I myself believed.

    All in all though.. There were some funny and wonderful memories made on the camping trip. My kids helped alot. I just made do with what I had. Made the best of it.

    I hope you go on vacation, everyone needs the break from time to time.


    Love and Peace.. Sunshyne