ASKING FOR ALOT OF PRAYERS...after a horrible event

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    I posted last night in the other post for FMS and CFS and Shirl said it was a good idea I post in here as well.

    I have been up since 5:00am this morning and cant I thought this would be a good place to go.

    ALOT of you knew I was going out to dinner with hubby on Valentines day...and looking foward to it because we havent been alone in 6 months without the kids. Easrlier that day I was at the hair cutting place getting highlights and cutting my hair and getting all dolled up for him. I actually sat there for over 2 1/2 hours so I began to finally be putting ahuge dent in that book I posted about "The Purpose Driven Life".(awesome book by the way)

    Ater that, I headed home.

    A few minutes after I arrived I recieved a horrible phone call right as I was getting dressed and about an hour and half before we were to leave.

    Hubby was at convenient store on his way home from dropping off his children at grandparents house for our big night out. My children were already by their dads for their visitation.

    He had a major seizure. Smashed his face on a metal shelf. They literally had to sit on him and pin him down becuase he was extremely combative coming out of the seizure. Obviously he looks like a train wreck now poor thing. A plastic surgeon had to sew up his lips and lost count of the stitches he needed so many. He also broke three teeth.

    I received a phone call from one of the guys on the volunteer fire dept he is on here in town. They said it was urgent for me to call police station in the next town because my hubby was in trouble.

    From that point my life felt like it was sucked into a black hole and I thought to myself..."This really isn happening...we are leaving soon...this is a bad joke..." I really thought that someone was playing a bad joke on us.

    Well it wasnt. He was still in the store being wrestled with by Paramedics and Volunteer Ambulance people. I was hysterical on the phone trying to put words and sentences together talking to Police dispatch. I told them that he had severe trauma to head when he was almost 18. and they relayed that to Paramedics. She, the dispatcher, wouldnt get off the phone with me because I was so out of it and hysterical. They told me not to get in my car.

    I called neighbor frantically. I was so upset that the words didnt come out right and all I did was cry and scream. They came running over because they didnt understand what was going on.

    When they finally heard bits and pieces they got the jist that obviously something horrible happened to hubby and I needed their help getting to the hospital.

    So they took me.

    I never thought a 20 minute ride would fele like an eternity....but omg it did.

    when I got to hospital, I saw his fire cheif outside and an old friend that he knew from the ambulance corp....a big guy who happened to be one of the guys who sat on him during the combative phase.

    They hugged me. Said he was pretty much coming around now but his face was messed up from falling face first into the metal shelves at the store.

    My heart pounded and I knew I had to pull it together and stop crying before I walked thru the doors. Make up smeared down my face, swollen eyes, gee how could I hide that right? LOL! As soon as I saw him his eyes welled up because he saw that I was upset. I couldnt kiss him because his lips were slit wide bottom one was the worst...down to his muscle. It really was gross and I ve seen alot being a volunteer ambulance person (EMT) for yrs in the past.

    Anyway, I kissed his forehead and whispered that I loved him and it was ok. He broke down in tears but managed to pull himself together.

    Today is day three. I will go to Hospital and spend another day there with him. Hopefully he will be home today they just need to run MRI and EEG. They strongly feel he has scar tissue on his brain where the trauma occured 14 yrs ago and with meds he will prevail and be fine and this may never happened again.

    Im ok today. Once I sorted things out, I realized something. Reading that book helped me ALOT that day. I left hubby that morning and I was a little upset with him. As I read my book while I looked like an alien with tin foil thru out my head, I realized that life was too short and everything happends for a reason.....
    When this all happened I found an abundance of BLESSINGS thru the experience.

    Although I am definately asking for all your prayers I wanted to share what I discovered.

    Hubby usually is at work the time he had seizure. He would have been on a major highway driving when he had seizure because of the time of day. He could have been killed. but he had the dsay off.(THANK YOU LORD JESUS)

    Hubby JUST DROPPED children off. They could have been in van with him when it happened and maybe all three of them could have been hurt or killed in a car accident. (THANK YOU LORD JESUS)

    He stopped at convenient store. IF he didnt and came straight home, AGAIN, he would have had a horrible car accident and possibly been killed.(THANK YOU LORD JESUS)

    All four kids were gone for the night. VERY RARE we get that opprotunity. They didnt have to experience me in hysterics...THAT is a blessing in itself. THEY were all safe and sound. (THANK YOU LORD JESUS)

    My hubby been blowing me off when I told him montha ago to go back to Neuro because I noticed his memory getting worse and him slurring his speech more. He said to me yesterday "I will never blow you off again when you tell me to go see doctor..." (THANK YOU LORD JESUS)

    I finally relaized all the things I am angry and resentful for lately dont mean ANYTHING and are nothing but a waste of energy and time....I almost lost my hubby, possibly my step-children too and I didnt...and hes ok right now. And the kids are safe. THANK YOU LORD JESUS!!

    Yeah so I lost evening alone with hubby...but God could not have planned for this trajedy ANY BETTER than he had planned it. It was a perfect puzzle.

    I need to add a significant piece to this....

    Hubby and brother had a big fall out two months ago. They havent spoken since. His siter in law caused some greif in the family and Ill just leave it at that.

    His brother and sister in law showed up last night. We all laughed and hugged and had a great time during their visit. His brother teared up a few times, as did my hubby.
    It was like we all washed our differences one brought up the past. We just glorified the momment and cherished it.

    I do need prayers that hubby will fully recover, and the Lord will give me strength as I am hurting pretty bad from not eating well, rushing around and not sleeping. Besides the financial issues. Which arent important at the momment but ill catch up and cause me to stress out again. Im not sure when hubby can go back to work or when he can drive again.

    The children are ok. I waited until yesterday to show up at grandparents house and explained what happened the night before with daddy. We asked that no one ruin their night having fun and the family was great in hiding it. His son is having a tough time of it he has abandonment issues and he was also to scared to go see daddy at hospital. His daughter came back with me and spent the day at hospital with her dad and me. I took her shopping for gifts and cards to help her feel as if she was part of daddy getting better. But I know shes I ask for prayers for tham.

    My children come home tonight. They dont know yet. I explained to xhubby I needed him to hang onto them until eveing and not to tell them. That I would when they got home to spare them worry or grief. Especially my oldest daughter who adores her step-daddy. Again, they will need your prayers as well.

    well this is entirely too long. Im so sorry. I thank you for all who are reading this.

    I feel closer to God and my husband than I have in a long time. I also realize that lately all my prayers asking God to help me stop being so upset and angry and letting everything bother was part of ALL this happening.


    I am a true believer, and now I am witnness to his great love for me, my family, and everything that surrounds me.
    If he didnt love me, he wouldnt have cared so much to have this horrible event go so perfectly planned to the minute. SOunds weird, but when ya think about it, it was like it was perfectly planned....dark cloud with so many silver linings.

    BUT I GAINED MORE FAITH, A CLOSER FEELING TO GOD, A HUBBY WHO IS STILL ALIVE (AS WELL AS CHILDREN) AND LEARNED SO VERY MUCH JUST FROM THIS ONE SMALL SIGNIFICANT MOMMENT IN TIME.... when you think about it, every thing is just a small speck of time during our life here on this planet...its all part of a learning experience to prepare us for our true life in heaven someday.

    God answers prayers, maybe NOT in the time frame WE want or in the mannor WE want, but he certainly heard my cry for help when I asked him to help me get over all the horrible feelings I have been feeling lately.

    PRAISE GOD ONCE AGAIN![This Message was Edited on 02/16/2004]
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    I just read your post on the FM board and came here to request prayer for you, your hubby and family. I'm glad you've already beat me to it.

    I have prayed for his complete recovery, your strength, your kids' courage and understanding. I too, have thanked God for the many blessings your family received that horrible day. I am relieved that you have recognized them as well. It shows your true faith in God.

    (gosh! Hubby's guardian angels were workin' over-time that day!)
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    (and we've still got to come up with a better name for you)!

    I'm so glad I switched to the worship page to read this. What an event! And you're so right about how it all worked for the best. Not many people would be able to see this and I'm so proud and happy for you that your attitude is one of understanding. Plus, one thing you didn't mention, is that this might very well draw your family together (as in the mixture of kids) and make you all closer in the future.

    Your family will be in my prayers. I promise. And hope for a quick recovery for your husband and some light shed on his brain lesion problems. Take care of yourself. I imagine your nerves are pretty wracked after all this action. And accept all offers of help! That's a hard one for some people sometimes to try to do everything themselves. If somebody offers to babysit or cook a meal, say OK! I'll look for you on the chitchat if you feel like talking. Jo Ellen
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    You are in my prayers.

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    You`ve been through alot. Praying for your husband, you and the rest of your family. I hope he has a full recovery and never has anything happen like this again. Its all just too scary.

    Please rest and take care of yourself.

    Best wishes,
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    You have certainly been through alot, But PRAISE THE LORD that your husband and children wasn't on the road when all of this happened.

    I will be praying for you and your family.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    As I read your post, i realized it actually was a Praise Report. The placing of the children, the timing of the siezure(which will make sure husband does see the doc), showed to me the caring with which the Lord administered.

    Also, how He revealed to you what could have been ...if..

    May the Good Lord touch and bring healing to your husband and children. He is watching over you all and all Glory and Honor an Thanksgving to Him.

    There will be times when you and husband will be able to go out and enjoy, just the two of you...for now, Lets just Praise the Lord!!!!!

    By the way, saw the book you are reading at Walmart yesterday, may buy it next month.

    God bless and be with you all, love to you, blessings
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    What a awesome story you told. It was a great lesson on things happen for a reason. I am so glad you shared it. I will be praying for a recovery for your husband.

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    Did not know before, went looking for a post to explain your recent "Pastor" post.

    I am very sorry you and hubby had to go through this. Will keep you in my prayers, fondly, June
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    There right, we need to get you another I just read your post. I've also been reading that same book. Our church is doing a weekly study on it through lent.
    Your right. God has you in the palm of his hand and all your days are planned for a purpose. Nothing is wasted. It is awesome when you realize how he planned everything down to the last detail.
    He will continue to use everything to streghten you and your husbandand family. I will pray that your faith remains strong and you physically can be strong through this.God loves you soooo much, and He is with you at all times. Love Lori.