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    I have had the same issue myself, I have tried numerous amount of meds, blood test, xrays. Ive done everything my doctor reccomended. I have been taking a drug called neorotin now and I have to go see a neorologist for possible nerve damage (go figure).

    I take Klonopin and Loratab Adderall and wellbutrin (too much med. already besides also being a ginnypig with other meds.)

    My point to you is this the loratab klonopin and adderall seem to be all that works to get me thru the day. The only thing I am addicted to is wanted my life back and to feeling as normal as every other 38yr old woman with 2 children.

    I just printed out a paper stating that less than 1% of patients taking pain meds. for chronic pain become addicted. The medicine does not give people with actual pain any kind of (high) it just enables us to move and function for a few hours at a time.

    Please print this out and bring to your doctor: and also states the effect pain meds have on patients in pain versus people looking for drugs.

    Hope this helps you my heart goes out to you as I suffer everyday of my life and am tired of being told I am depressed this has nothing to do with emotions

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