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    I recently asked you to remember my son's friend Killwalker in prayer as he is heading to Irag May 9. I have more specific information for you, his name is Ronnie Marek he is married and his wife if pregnant with their first child. He will be in Iraq for 15 months so he will not be here when his child is born. Of course, this is a pretty common occurance now. I just found out Sat. that my neighbor is shipping out to Iraq the same day for 15 months as well.

    The Lord has just put it on my heart to speak on the behalf of the many men and women out there who are fighting and dying so that we can remain free and continue to enjoy the things we take for granted every day. As they sacrifice so much for us.

    I pray that we never become de-sensitized to this kind of situation that we feel we never need to pray or be concerned about their well-being. In the bible study this week Lms asked a question about had anyone ever sacrificed anything for you or you sacrificed something for others. What are you willing to sacrifice so that we can remain a free country? It's a scarey thought some times isn't it!!

    Well, I know so many of you always include our service people in your prayers on a regular basis, but I thought I would add that personal feel to it for you. This, as you can tell, is something that is very near and dear to my heart.

    Take care everyone!
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    Have been praying for Ronnie, glad you gave more information on this fine young man. Will also be in prayer for his family, we need to keep the families of these young people in our prayers too.

    They are also making a great sacrifice with their husbands/wives/mothers/sisters/brothers/etc. at war and they are at home waiting for them. It is a lonely, scarey life the families lead.

    I had a friend call last night and her son just re-inlisted for four more years, he is a helicopter pilot, his name is Tony, he is again sent to Iraq. He has a young baby son.

    Thanks for reminding us to pray for all the men/women in Iraq as well as other places for our freedom.

    I keep them in my prayers always, and I do watch the news daily.

    God bless them all, and God Bless America!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thanks so much Shirl and I'll be remembering your friend's son Tony in my prayers as well.

    I hope you are doing better. You have been on my mind often lately and I was wondering how you were. I pray for you as God leads me to remember you.

    Hang in there OK!
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    Two years ago my friends grandson was deployed to Iraq. I made a vow that every time I saw an American flag I would say his name. He came home safely.

    I will make it my mission now for Ronnie. I promise that each time I see a flag I will say the name Ronnie. It is actually amazing how many flags you see flying that you didn't notice before. Color me crazy, but I thought this little idea of mine would be understand by the God who rules us all.

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    I like the idea of remembering them each time we see a flag.
    It certainly is a good reminder for praying. My husband was in Viet Nam. The year that he was gone seemed like so long; I can't imagine watching them going back again as they have to now. Thank you for reminding us of their sacrifice. And to pray for them daily. Maryl
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    Hi Nancy - My thoughts and prayers continue to go out for all of these brave and courageous men and women and recently I was told my baby brother is being shipped out in two weeks.

    I am the baby of the family but he is my baby brother out of three boys and I have one sister. I am so very proud of him but yet I am very sad he is leaving. I don't want to sound selfish because I know what he is doing is very honorable.

    We haven't spoken in three years and I called his work and left a message to please call me but I haven't heard a word from him. Our family fell apart a few years ago after our Grandmama passed and we haven't spoken a word since. We were always close and I don't want him to leave like this.

    I find this consuming my thoughts at times but I don't know what else to do. I would appreciate any words of advise and prayers are always appreciated.

    I have always believed we are not promised tomorrow. Life is too short.

    Thanks for this post and take care.

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    ASA- Thank you so much, that is an incredible idea. My son was so moved by what you are doing, he is sharing the idea with all the online friends that are friends with Ronnie so all of them will do it. That is so nice of you! Thank you so much.

    MARYL- My husband and several of my friends and family went to Vietnam. I didn't know him then, he's a little older than me. I can sit for hours and listen to them share their stories and I think it is SOOO important for young people today, and always, to understand the sacrifices made so that they can enjoy the freedoms they do. Thanks for remembering Ronnie, Steve and others who are serving or will serve in Iraq. Thanks for your prayers.

    CAROLIN- Thanks for sharing that your brother is also being deployed to Iraq. I will be praying for him also. Can you share his name? I like to pray for people by name. If not I'll just say Carolin's brother...LOL!! God already knows anyway. My brother and I were very close for many years, especially through a difficult and abusive childhood. Then when he married and she kind of "took over" things started changing. I tried so hard to stay in touch with him after I moved to another state. It was hard enough to talk to him when we lived in the same town...except when SHE needed me to do became almost impossible after I moved. Long story short-my brother was very sick and I kept my ritual of calling him every Sat & Sun.I left messages which he would sometimes get, sometimes not! As he got sicker and since she was controlling our contact I starting mailing him cards. At first they always had money in them until I found out she was taking the money and throwing away the card. Then I started sending just the card (no money) and she would give them to him. My last card to him was in November 2005 and was just a thinking of you card, and I only wrote one line...You are the strongest person I've ever known! Love Nancy. She finally gave him the card two weeks after she got it out of the mailbox. It was the last words he got from me. He died that night. I say this to tell you to sit down and write to your brother if it ends up being the only way to communicate with him. You will feel better having made the effort and sometimes we can say things better in writing than we can trying to explain them face-to-face or in a phone call. Snail mail is not that popular anymore but everyone really likes getting something other than bills in the box. Take care and I will be remembering your brother also. Thanks for sharing.
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    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. His name is Tim which is short for Timothy and we always use to be close growing up. We were in high school together and he would come running to my rescue anytime. Tim was the one that taught me how to ride my first bicycle and I bet he has forgotten that by now.

    Don't get me wrong though I love all my brothers but I guess since he was only 3 years older than me I always stayed closer to him.

    We were all raised by our grandparents but grew up in a very chaotic household. Our mother left us at a very young age and that was something we never got over, plus our sister Melinda passed. Our mother passed 10 years ago.

    Tim married a sweet young lady (Kim) around 15 years ago and I forgot what year but I recently found out he and his wife (my sister-inlaw) have split up. They have two kids Austin & Autumn.

    Up until I read your post I thought I had done my part by leaving a message for him to call at work but I think you are right, I am going to write him a letter.

    Thank you for taking your time to write back to me. It has really shown me what I need to do.

    I am truly sorry for the loss of your brother and may the memories you both shared stay in your heart forever. (Hugs)

    P.S. I see you are from NC and now in Fayetteville, TN. Not for sure if you know where it is but we live next to Fayetteville, NC. Me and hubby have plans to move to TN hopefully this summer.

    Take Care,
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    What a wonderful idea with the flag! I have one draped over my front door, its been there since this war in Iraq started. I will remember too pray for all the Military everytime I go in or out from now on.

    Where I live, when someone gets killed on the highways, they always put a cross up on the spot where they lost their lives, and I will say a prayer each time I see one of these crosses for the families who lost a loved one.

    I also ask the Lord to keep those on motorcycles safe whenever I pass one of those too (my son has been a Harley fan since he was in his teens), as I always think of my own son with these bikes.

    I will add the flags to my thought patten as well. Thank you so much for your sweet idea......

    Blessings to all of you and to the Military as well.

    Shalom, Shirl