Asking prayer for Hagardreams grandaughter in abusive home

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by windblade, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. windblade

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    Prayer request for Alexis - 4 years old who was being kept in a locked room by her step-father. Julie (Hagardreams) has tried social services, who because they saw no BRUISING, have not responded in any way.

    There are all different kinds of abuse.

    The last that we heard, Julie was following through on all of our suggestions - she contacted the police - who felt that they needed hard evidence.

    She tried contacting the media, but they felt there was no story in it from lack of evidence.

    Julie has tried phoning Alexis, but can not get through.

    The last thing that Julie was planning was to try and gain custody. She has tried this once before.

    Please everyone, keep little Alexis in your prayers. And also Julie, who is dealing with extreme difficulties in her life.

    For anyone who wants to follow the story, and our responses it is on the fibro/cfs board.

    I deleted, and rewrote this post, trying to explain things in a clearer way.

    Please let's gather all of our strengths for Julie and Alexis, and be a connection to God's love and strength for them both.

    Love and Blessings to you all, Judy
  2. lovethesun

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    Hope things get better there.linda
  3. fivesue

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    Still praying for the whole situation.

  4. stilhere

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    and knew I had to pray....prayers going up to our Great Protector to shield this poor child...I will also pray for strenth for both Julie and Alexis..

    In Christ
  5. Asatrump

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    special prayers for this young one and family. Also, for all children who suffer no matter the circumstances. Dear Lord, hear our prayer.