ASO Titer

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  1. aaron19

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    I test positive for the ASO Titer, it says H234 and the normal range is [0-166]. What does this mean?
  2. SandraD

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    I have an ASO titer that runs over 300. I was treated for Rheumatic fever ( I had been ill and running a fever at the time) and was on long term IV antibiotics. After, discontinuing them to to a reaction, the ASO was still elevated and I was put on long term oral antibitics. Still the ASO did not go down. I went to see an Infectious Disease DR. in the Cleveland Clinic in May and he did a throat culture and it was negative and told me not to worry about the labs. It just meant I was exposed or previously had strept. He then went on to say I had CFS.
    So I gues unless you are having symptoms not to worry. Talk to your DR. and find out what he wants to do.

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