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  1. golden

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    There is something like 91 ailments that you can have talking ASPARTAME (A sweetner) which is found in everything. MSG speaks for itself. By not consuming these two poisons, maybe we all might get better. I am going to stop talking these and see if I get better. If not, my body sure will be healthier and stronger whether I know it or not.

  2. gumama

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    Aspartame is deadly and a BIG contributor to Panic/Anxiety Attacks... you will be amazed how much better you will feel once you get off of panic/anxiety went down 90% once I stopped using it.

    Remember that all most everything "Diet" has it as an ingred.. this includes, yogurt, soda, most dairy products that say low fat,etc..

    Check each label before you buy anything, you won't believe how much Aspartame is out there

    Good Luck. and feel better

    Sandy in the Desert
  3. Therrell

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    IS EQUAL ASPERTAME???????????????
  4. lilah

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    I'm also diabetic but eating a sugar sweetner is better that aspertaime. If you are looking for a sweetner try Splenda, its great, no after taste, no side effects. Be sure and read your labels, its better to eat something with sugar than aspertaime
  5. lot57

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    even if you arent allergic to the nasty insidious things that are added to foods they can affect you.
    what i use for sweetner is stevia, it is natural and safe for diabetics.
    it's no wonder people are ill with all the terrible things we are exposed to, not only in our food but in the entire environment.
  6. little

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    I have bought furniture twice over the last 15 years that was made with Formaldehyde ( glue ) I had to sent the furniture back because I got so sick. I can't go in to a new home trailer because of the smell of the Formaldehyde. I have noticed that I am sensative to more things as time goes by. It is very hard to fine food that doesn't have something in it that I can't have.I try to stick to fresh fruits and veggies. Gail