aspartame is poison

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    Do you use artificial sweeteners (diet sodas, equal), especially aspartame or sucralose ? If not, I can't help you.
    If so, please listen:
    I starting having many problems that the doctors had no cure for, and I had to realize for myself that I had aspartame poisoning (diet sodas, equal, etc). As soon as I quit aspartame completely, I started to feel better, other than the headaches that go along with aspartame withdrawal. It's incredible how much better I feel after only a few weeks without aspartame. It is highly addictive. Google aspartame side effects and aspartame withdrawal for sites to help you. And quit. Regular doctors are clueless. There are many ailments that aspartame cause, and Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are two of them.
    Good luck finding your answers.
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    You are right on target. From1975 to 1997 my medical doctors kept telling me to use artificial sweeteners and drink soda and other drinks with artificial sweeteners, including aspartame to aid in weight control.

    They missed, for 15 years, that I had hypothyroidism. I kept telling every G.P. I went to that it ran in the family, I know the symptoms, I have a problem here. T-3, T-4 tests don't tell you jack. Within the normal range they said. I asked "Normal for whom?" It wasn't until 1998 that I got a Doc to run a TSH on me and Voila! Normal TSH is 4----I was a 9! Diagnosis! Hypothyroidism!

    My Herbalist told me not to eat or drink, in any form, artificial sweeteners back in 1997. Most particularly aspartame. Then, in 2010 or 12, I read a report from Mayo Clinic linking aspartame with fibromyalgia. Guess what I have? Fibromyalgia.

    Oh, and the regular Docs missed the Cadmium Poisoning. The Herbalist suspected a water source somewhere I may have lived, (over 8 towns and a lifetime to have ingested it). It will stay in your system for 10 to 30 years doing it's damage as it hides out in organs. Not detectable in a blood test or x-ray. The Herbalist caught that one in a hair analysis and cured the problem with a high protien diet and sulphur tablets. The cadmium binds to those and leaves your system. I have not drunk tap water since. And you are absolutely correct. Regular doctors are clueless!

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