Aspartame story/ Dallas Late news Mon. night

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    The local news in Dallas is running a story on the dangers of Aspartame tonight. The story is on local channel 8 (ABC) on the late 10:00 news.

    I just thought I would put it out there for any locals who wanted any information on the subject.

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    they report.:)


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    bumping for others in Dallas area
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    I wish i could say the story was informative, but alas, it was not.

    It said what we already know...that they believe it is linked to chrionic health problems, the toxicity issues, and take about getting the FDA to remove it from the market.

    You can go to, then go to the health tab (on the left) to see the story.

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    Critics of aspartame warn of dangers

    Monday, May 8, 2006

    FDA position on aspartame
    The Food and Drug Administration said it will do a review of a study that claims aspartame causes cancer.

    Millions of people drink the popular artificial sweetener every day in their favorite diet soda and last year, an Italian study linked aspartame to higher rates of lymphoma and leukemia in rats.

    An European union the equivalent to the FDA declined to support the conclusion, but many people claim aspartame has made them sick.

    In fact, a number of medical professionals have urged people to stay away from it.

    Painting is Gwenn Walden's joy, but she said a few years back the bright colors began to vanish before her eyes.

    "I started having blind spots," she said. "Even if I waved the paint brush around, I could only see probably the top part. Anything below...would be out of sight, my hand, anything."

    With fears of glaucoma or impending blindness, Walden went to the eye doctor.

    "He's the one who said it was the brain spasm," she said.

    Walden said she discovered the brain spasms occurred every time she drank a diet cola that contained aspartame.

    Aspartame, known more commonly as NutraSweet or Equal, is the world's most popular artificial sweetener and found in more than 6,000 products from juice to Jell-O to jelly.

    FDA approved it in the early 80's and it has been the source of growing controversy ever since. Early studies and thousands of consumer complaints to the government linked the sweetener to dozens of side effects.

    After being incorrectly diagnosed with hyperthyroidism years ago, Janet Hull began researching aspartame. She said what she found out moved her to write a book.

    "It is a sweet poison," she said. "It poisoned me."

    She and government scientists found that when liquid aspartame is stored in temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it breaks down into dangerous toxins, which includes formaldehyde.

    "It's not healthy for a child, for a fetus [or] for someone who is already compromised and ill," she said. "It's not healthy for someone who is healthy."

    Hull is among many who believe people actually need to detoxify from aspartame's alleged side effects with the right combination of vitamins, but many others believe people can simply quit cold turkey.

    The FDA continues to stand by its original approval of aspartame saying it's "safe" and "thoroughly tested," which is a position supported by many other reputable organizations.

    However, there are also those who disagree.

    "No matter what the FDA says, I will tell people they're better off without NutraSweet," said Dr. Jeffrey Manning, chiropractor.

    Dr. Manning said he suggests patients take aspartame out of their diet because he's seen the physical benefits.

    "Some of the phantom aches and pains that we couldn't address chiropractically started to go away," he said of those who quit consuming aspartame.

    Walden said her blind spots went away when she quit drinking three diet colas a day.

    "And I avoid everything, whether it's cookies, candies, whatever has got aspartame in it," she said.

    Walden said she drinks only pure water now.
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    My young 9 year old son began drinking diet cokes when my husband and I started dieting.... from 6 to 9 yrs old he drank nothing but diet drinks....

    at 9 years old he started having migraines...we had MRI and many other test to check his brain out....I stumbled across the aspartame information on this board on day in the middle of all this with my son...

    that began my own research and low and behold I am now certain that not only my young son but my husband and I were also having a great increase in headaches...we all stopped cold turkey...the headaches all but dissappeared.

    now we are all very careful in watching what we eat or chew (most gum has aspartame)

    The government once again has made a bad mistake and refuses to admit that they are wrong.

    early 80's brought a lot of FDA approved items that I now have on my personal poison list.

    Canola Oil and Aspartame both are very very bad for us...look into them if you use either product...I can assure you the after you study both you will switch to bottled water and olive oil!
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