Assistance with Property Taxes

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  1. NutsInAlabama

    NutsInAlabama New Member

    For anyone who can use the help

    I found this out when I homesteaded property I had recently purchased
    When I told the property tax office I was disabled they gave me 2 forms to have filled out by doctors
    They could be 2 doctors from the same office they don't care
    Once you turn them back in they reduce your property taxes by 50% starting that year at least that is what it is in Alabama

    You do not have to prove your are on SSI or SSD The forms easy and quick and did the trick
    It is worth a try

  2. NutsInAlabama

    NutsInAlabama New Member

    Thanks for the reply and the info

    I know that every state is different. Maybe somehow I can put together a list of states and we can help some :)

    If anyone has any additional info please post.

  3. sofy

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    I just applied in ct. Had to bring in my ssd award letter. If my memory serves me right they take off $1000 of tha assessed value. So if your house is assesed at 75,000 you will pay taxes on 74,000. I wont be spending that in one place cuz you caint buy nothin for that little amount of money. I applied anyway. Every little bit helps.
  4. NutsInAlabama

    NutsInAlabama New Member

    thanks much

    yes every little bit helps

    they are getting ready to raise property taxes again here this year and i am fortunate mine will be stabalized

  5. riter2

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    This really isn't a reply to the taxes but I am here in AL too. Hello - what city are you in? I'm in Bham.

    I have CFSID.

  6. NutsInAlabama

    NutsInAlabama New Member

    hello there riter2 I am mobile not too awfully far from you and very nice to meet ya ;)

    hello to ya too kerrymygirl and nice to meet ya as well you do that drawl so... well :)

    i spent a great deal of time in cleve oh my dad was in the Coast Guard so we moved and awful lot
    I work as a healh coordinator in the er icu ccu and step down at the old Berea Hosp and a short time at a surgical clinic with Dr Taliac in Berea and also worked at Deaconess hosp
    I am in the Fibro chat in the early am and in the eve on and off
    Hope to see ya there
  7. bubblegum

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    Calif refunds a max of 469.00 to qualifying homeowners. You can download a fill-in form from there website. Its really easy. I have been doing it for my Uncle for the last 3 years.
    Hope this helps
  8. NutsInAlabama

    NutsInAlabama New Member

    Thanks so much Sandy.
    Everything helps and as long as we can help one it was well worth it
    I appreciate it :)

    To Kerry Hey I went to Strongsville High in 72/73
    Small small world
    and try changing the settings in chat you can slow down the scroll Maximize the window to catch up when there are alot of peeps in the chat room Hope this helps

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