assisted suicide and a plea

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    further information can be found at the 25% ME group in uk


    Following the death of her beloved daughter, Lynn, for whom she cared for 17
    years, Kay Gilderdale has pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting suicide,
    though not guilty to attempted murder and another count of aiding and
    abetting attempted suicide.

    Regrettably, the Crown Prosecution lawyer declined the invitation of Judge
    Richard Brown to drop the charges because he said it was not in the public
    interest and a trial is scheduled for 12 January 2010.

    The Crown Prosecution Service, however, could choose to drop the case at any

    The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, QC, did intervene in the
    case against Mark and Julie James, the parents of Daniel James, the rugby
    player who sustained dreadful injuries and wished to die.

    Since MS sufferer Debbie Purdy won her case in the House of Lords for
    clarification of the law about assisted suicides, it would be an appropriate
    time to write to the DPP with your views about assisted suicides and appeal
    for his intervention in the case against Kay. May I suggest that you
    emphasise that you do not wish to discuss anything about the case, since it
    is before the courts but just plead that the DPP intervenes to have the case
    dropped. Since there will have to be a debate in the House of Commons before
    any change in the law, you should copy your letter to your MP.

    My appeal is for at least one person in each of the 650 constituencies to
    write, in order to reach every MP and maximise support for Kay.

    The address for letters is

    Keir Starmer, QC,
    The Director of Public Prosecutions
    Crown Prosecution Service
    50 Ludgate Hill
    EC4M 7EX

    You can find your MP here
    The Postal Address is
    Name of your MP
    MP for Your Constituency
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA
    (Your letter will reach your MP even when the House is not sitting)

    If you wish to make your support public and to encourage others to follow
    your example, please forward it to me and we shall put it on a section on
    our website with all the others who do the same.
    There is also a page on Facebook called Prosecuting Kay Gilderdale is NOT in
    the PUBLIC interest
    Click here

    Will you do it now? I can't think of anything more important just now.

    Love & best wishes
    Dr John H Greensmith
    ME Free For All. org