asthma,anethesia and dental work--need info!

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    I have always tolerated anesthesia perfectly throughout my life, even these past several years with fms/cfs and a host of other conditions.

    Last year and a half though, I have had some asthma symptoms (decades of 'remission' after some bouts with asthma as a child)

    I have severely low pain threshold, am facing dental work, and I want to be 'put under' as most of my dental experiences in life have been traumatic, excruciatingly painful (even cleaning), etc.

    Just wondering--now that I'm experiencing fluctuating (some days yes, many days no) of asthma symptoms now, but I desparately want to avoid the beyond-painful dental hell (one reason I've not seen dentist in a number of years) any ideas:

    1. Has anyone had mild/fluctuating/only sometimes stong asthma symptoms and still been able to get sedation, especially for dental work?

    2. Most pain meds upset my stomach, and anti-anxiety meds don't work for me when I am under extreme pain/stress (as in dental work).

    Any suggestions?

    (Please don't tell me "Mind over matter"--I've tried a gazillion things throughout my life, and I just want sedation--or something else that will cut pain during the procedures when the dentist works on my ultra-sensitive teeth)


    Life-long-Dental-Phobic-and-Person-with-Super-Low -Pain-Threshold-Who-Cannot-Take-Tylenol w Codiene, Vicodin, Ultram, because for me, they mess up my stomach (same with celebrex)

    P.S. I have NOT tried other pain meds (such as percocet,darvon,oxycontin) but maybe, for the dental work, as long as they don't upset my stomach, maybe I can ask for a limited amount--what has been other people's experience? (AS long as they don't upset my stomach)

    I am in constant pain because of Fibro, ME, arthritis, degenerative disc disease and other painful conditions but because I take anxiety and sometimes sleep meds, I have been afraid to ask my doctor for stuff like percocet, darvon, oxycontin--though I've never been an addict, thank God, there are so many addicts out there who make it hard for those of us who are only needing meds for painful conditions.

    Thanks for listening!

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    My healthy son (but had severe asthma, still does but much better controlled) had IV sedation for his wisdom teeth extraction and tolerated it very well. The diff. is that he was young and healthy. So, I'm not sure if that relates. I think asthma is harder on you the older you get.

    I would have no problem asking my doc for 2 tabs of the stronger pain med that you can tolerate before EACH dental appt. The doc could say no, but hopefully would not. I don't think asking for 2 tabs puts you in the "drug seeking" category.

    Also there seem to be dentist who "cater to cowards". I think they could order two pain pills but whether they would, I don't know...since you don't keep regular visits (which is understandable with your phobia)

    Feeling for you!

  3. artyreader

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    I'm also going to look into 'laser cleaning' that may make the actual procedure not as hellishly painful as when they scrape, scrape, scrape with that diabolical metal tool that sends your nerves over the edge!

    Sadly, because I'm at poverty level Social Security Disability, I don't have as many options as more well-off folk (and here in California, poor people living on the edge will no longer get "Denti-Cal "( Medi-cal )(Medicaid) after June 30th of this year. Another reason for my haste to do this before deadline, as I have tooth pain and it may be a big procedure.

    But I am just starting to research, and one of my friends just told me that if I still need dental work after June 30th, there may be some low-cost dental insurance (like $7 a month--very reasonable)

    Ask, ask, ask, research, research, research!
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    I have many side effects and reactions to medications and anesthesia. For fillings the dentist uses carbocanine ( I think that's the way it's spelled) instead of novacaine and I've never had a problem with it. It does seem to take a little longer to wear off.

    To have an extraction done, I had an IV with no side effects. I do get chemical induced asthma sometimes and also asthma if I have bronchitis or if I'm exposed to really cold temperatures. The IV was fine for me.

    The dental hygenist uses the laser to clean my teeth with no ill effects. It is painless. I love it. She then has to do just a little scraping. I try to go every six months now because I waited too many years and let the tartar build up. It's no problem when you can keep after it. Hope you find a good dentist to work with you. I have CFS/FM/MCS and arthritis and a disc problem. GB66
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    I have asthma and have been put completely under for surgery without any big problems. I haven't had laughing gas, though, if that's what you mean. I also did not have ME/CFS or FMS when I had the anesthesia.

    I see a great dentist now who has headphones with music, and that helps some, but I know what you mean about dreading the dentist.

    As to the pain meds, I usually have problems with most of them, too, but I have been able to handle tylenol 3 and darvocet. Neither is particularly strong, though. Percocet made me somewhat sick, very dizzy, and extremely sleepy. Others have made me very sick, but I have managed to take some of them in the past if I also took Reglan for the nausea. Of course, I would rather not take meds at all, let alone more meds to counteract the side effects of the others, but if it's very short term, and I really need it, I will take something.

    As to the dental insurance, if it's anything like what's available in IL, most dental insurance does not cover that much. It's still better than nothing, but not a lot. Of course, we haven't ever had coverage thru Medicare or Medicaid here, so it's good that you at least have that for a little longer.
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    My brain's fried right now so I couldn't read everything you wrote but I wanted to say that the anesthesia they use at the dentist has epinephrine in it and that substance can cause major problems for PWCs and maybe Fibromites too. If you ask, your dentist should have an anesthesia like Lidocaine with no epinephrine. If your dentist doesn't, then I would see a different dentist who does. So far all the dentists I've seen have had it and it makes a world of difference.

    With CFS and maybe FMS, our metabolism can be too fast as well. My dentists are always amazed at how fast my body metabolizes the anesthesia and they have to inject me continually but I've also had a lot of extensive dental work done.

  7. artyreader

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    for your input. Much appreciated-I did not know of some of these things until I read each of your posts (as well as Spacee's).