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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Daphne, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Daphne

    Daphne New Member

    I was just wondering how many of you (especially those with CFS) either have or have had asthma in the past.
  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    My family all have some atopic allergies which include asthma. I was slightly afffected until CFS kicked in and since then have needed to use an inhaler when needed. I'm more susceptible in certain weather conditions and after a virus.

    Just found out the city (UK) I live in is right behind London and Manchester for traffic pollutions. A study has just been completed which shows children with asthma are more prone to asthma post infection when these levels are particularly high.

    Needless to say the same pattern is happening to me.



  3. catgal

    catgal New Member

    Hi Daphne~~I am 54 and was born with asthma/allergies. However, these became much worse after getting FM/CFS in my teens. I take Zyertec-D twice a day, Flornase, an inhaler when needeed, and have to take nebulizer treatments at least 4x's a week.

    Weather/pollens/dust/housecleaning, changes in seasons (especially Spring & Fall), wind, stress, and pollutants make mine worse.

    Hope you have a Good Week! Carol...
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Both had asthma while living in Colorado prior to our becomming sick with FMS.

    Love, Mikie
  5. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    I've had asthma and respritory problem since birth. If someone sick with anything to do with respritory problems..I'll get it!!!

  6. Stillkicking

    Stillkicking New Member

    I had a feeling of lung congestion for many years and developed a asthmatic condition about 15 years ago. Today I no longer have this because I keep my sinus problem contained with saline nasal spray. They know know that asthma is caused in many cases by sinusitis.
  7. stoerm

    stoerm New Member

    My daughter has a friend that put her son on OPC-3 about 3 years ago. He suffered since he was a baby and now is a teen ager. He no longer has any troubles with his asthma and doesn't have to see a MD.

    It has helped me with my allergies as well. No more prescriptions.
  8. lassiecass

    lassiecass New Member

    Hi Daphne,
    I developed asthma about 3 years into this DD. I guess my immune system just couldn't fight it off and the pollution in Phoenix has gotten so bad that might have helped it along.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sany (Cass)
  9. KayL

    KayL New Member

    I have FMS/CFS and was diagnosed with it 3 years ago, but I think I've had it much longer. My dad developed asthma in his 50's, and I first started having asthma-like symptoms in my 30's.

    I take 2 preventive inhalers every day, and I know that I live in a really bad location for people with allergies/asthma. We are hoping to move in the next few years. Funny thing is, while we were in FL a couple weeks ago, I did not use my asthma meds once and I breathed just fine. My dad also used to say that the only place he could breathe was at the beach. Must be something to that.
  10. Daphne

    Daphne New Member

    Thank you for your replies! Just bumping this up in hopes of getting comments from others.