Asthma Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by moonieray, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    Maybe someone has asked this or it has been a topic, but I have FM and lately I have been having something that seems like an attack of asthma. I am not a smoker, but I do have some allergies, mostly seasonal. Does anyone else experience this type of thing?
  2. KerryK

    KerryK Member

    I too have FM and bad rhinitis problems. More recently, my chest often feels terrible but it is not anything. I think the same process that sensitizes the rest of our body sensitizes the airways too.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I have asthma...had it before getting CFS and FM, but I have definitely noticed that it seems to have become worse since I got sick....I do seem to have some symptoms, though, that are similar, but not quite the same as the asthma - don't really know how to explain the differences, though....I also know that a lot of people with CFS and FM do have breathing issues that are not asthma
  4. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    Thanks for replying. For me it is mostly a feeling like I am not able to take a deep breath, and a kind of wheezing when I am up and moving around. Even when lying or sitting it kind of feels like a weight is on my chest. Most of these symptoms happen in the morning. It is just something new that hasn't happened before, and I admit that it is uncomfortable. thanks again
  5. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    I have exertion asthma which is asthma that is aggravated when I walk too far or exert myself too much.

    But it isn't always triggered by activity. Several triggers happen together before I get an attack. Such as: spring allergies, a fibro flare, too much walking, emotional stress, when I'm too hot or in a hot room, when I exhale suddenly like laughing, when I've had milk or cheese (I might have a slight undiagnosed allergy to dairy)...those kinds of things. When I have two or more of those triggers happening together, I know to slow down, watch my activity, and be aware of any more triggers that start to creep in.

    I also carry an albuterol rescue inhaler. I use it less than once every few months, when I'm counting the triggers as they come up.

  6. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    I have been diagonosed with asthma and one of the things he used for my diagonises was wheezing. I have some really bad attacks. They have even put me in the hospiatal over night They thought it was my heart. I still have day to day breathing problems. I also get the tightness in the chest. There have been a few times that I thought I would have to go to the emergency room and hospital. Don't fool around with it. Your home should be kept dust free and if you have animals try to keep the hair cleaned up. This can get progressively worse so get a diagonoises.

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