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    most of us have a candida probelm i fell this is what we are experiencing in our chest that many feel or call asthma ii have been trying to convince my Doctor to do a CT scan with dye to scan my chest he has without die of course shows nothing. I found this out when i kept telling him i had pain in my side did ultra sound nothing ct scan nothing until another Dr. used dye found a cyst in my kidney did it show up. He seem to be against using dye I have been at it for more than i want to say.I had a appointment with my heart doctor said my heart was find except one probelm he then listen to my lungs said he heard a wheezzing said that was what was causing probelm with my heart called it COPD.I beleive that if left alone it will turn into sarcoidois because of persons close to me that have experience it more then 5 persons.I really believe candidda is what it comes from.So if you have this breathing probelm do not ignore it get a ct scan with dye!! i am going tomorrow to convince my Dr to scan with dye not leaving until he does...Good luck