Astonishing Secrets to Sleep from A Decade of Experience

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    There's an art to sleeping.

    For me, sleep helps me feel physically rejuvenated, feel at peace, rest from contention created by people who are pushing me too hard, it balances me, rests my aching back or muscles after too much exertion.

    I found that without eating enough protein, I do not sleep well enough to get refreshed.

    If my bowels were clogged up or I ate too many potatoes too many days in a row, I started having sleep problems. When I took something to unclog my bowels, I started getting deep sleep again and felt more rested. Maybe I am the only one this happens to, but then again, maybe not.

    Additionally, it must be considered what factors go together to make successful sleep. For example, I can't sleep with cold feet, uncomfortable covers, allergies, irritable bowels, bladder filling up every 15 to 30 minutes, air that is too stuffy and hot will make me sleep poorly or get headaches, or being deficient in protein.

    Here is an expanded list of what creates my sleep issues. You will want to assess what is causing yours.

    __Temperature of the sleeping environment is comfortable?
    __Is there circulating air in the environment that is fresh enough to breathe?
    __Are the blankets comfortable? Do you like them thick, thin, fluffy, etc?
    __Is your pillow fluffy, or flat? Do you like your pillow?
    __Are your clothes comfortable, and loose enough not to constrict movements during sleep?
    __Are you allergic to something and wake up coughing, spitting, sneezing? (for me that's most wheat except Ezekiel Bread, rice, oatmeal, spelt, sugar, having too many potatoes too many days in a row, most milk but there are two brands that appear to be ok - and one was lightly pasteurized and not homogenized).
    __Are you cold, or comfortable? Dressing warmly, also hot and cold alternating showers over weeks time can help stimulate more body heat, as can thyroid treatment. (Discuss with doctor).
    __Are there irritating lights on such as light from a computer screen or the blinking blue light on some electrical item, or a flashing clock you forgot to reset? If any blinking lights have to be on, can you put tape over them to mute the flashing?
    __Are your feet warm? Wear socks to bed if they aren't.
    __How easily do blankets fall on the floor during the middle of the night? Is there a way to prevent it such as tying the corners down?
    __Not going to bed at the usual time can cause sleep problems.
    __Too much sleeping during the day can cause sleep problems. Limiting a nap to 20 to 30 minutes can avoid problems and leave you refreshed.
    __Is your phone charged up? Don't let it beep in the middle of the night with a low battery.
    __Is the smoke detector battery new enough to avoid beeping?
    __Do people know when not to wake you up, when to avoid coming over, and when to avoid calling?
    __If worried about anything, it can disturb sleep. If journalling or hot baths, or prayer help, or something else helps, try to avoid worries.
    __Eating heavy foods in the middle of the night that take several hours to digest can cause a sour stomach. Sometimes one cannot avoid a snack due to low blood sugar.
    __Problems with heater
    __Breaker goes off in the middle of the night and one wakes up with 55 degrees temperature after fitful sleep in the cold.
    __Other reasons to be cold and it cause poor sleep - getting chilled from being outside, from running out of hot water in the shower, feet cold, thyroid needs support, not enough blankets.
    __Irritable bowels. My irritable bowel trigger foods appear to be sweets, sweet fruits, too much salt, and restaurant foods that did not set well with me.
    __Overwork that resulted in muscle tension and overexhaustion.
    __Urinating too much, so that deep sleep is not reached or hardly reached. Bladder filling up every half hour it seems like. My frequent urination trigger foods are sweets and sweet fruits. Eating raw parsley appears to help retain more water.

    The next portion is devoted to sleep nutrition. I found a predictable sign of recovery. A RECOVERY SIGN WAS WHEN I STARTED DREAMING. If I did not dream, I did not feel well, not only that, but I did not sleep well.

    I found over time that I could influence dreaming largely by how I ate. Overeating before bed not a good idea, undereating leaves one too hungry to sleep, milk in evening several hours before bed can help sleep.

    This information was gotten from about 5 1/2 years of testing foods one at time while I was trying to figure out what was causing allergies. I found out during this time that sweet foods and sweeteners will throw me into multiple symptoms, and protein foods will help me to feel AWESOME and not only that, will help me enter that DEEP DREAMING SLEEP, and that grains and dairy are allergens to me. I found consistent parallels with protein foods and deep sleep. The question is, can you?

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